Let's Go To Church!!!

So as many of you, my loyal readers, know I am fascinated by religious album covers.  For something that is supposed to show faith and loyalty to an omniscient holy being, the Christian zealots who release this stuff sure seem to choose the absolute weirdest looking mooks to do it.  I know Jesus was supposed to be a loving and forgiving diety but no one, not even Jesus, could forgive these guys for wearing these turtlenecks/ sweater vest combos.  WOW! And let's not let the lady off the hook either... "Hello? Wardrobe director of Little House On The Prairie? Did some blond Christian woman singing about the glory of God happen to steal Nellie Olsen's dress?"
I found this gem at a Value Village for $1.49.  I almost fell to my knees and screamed PRAISE JEBUS!  This is actually a holy grail of bad album cover collecting.  Its on a few sites dedicated to such things.  I am not sure what the monetary value is on something this terrible/ awesome but it was certainly worth the cash I laid down for it.  I mean come on... Look at those polyester trousers!  you could cut a $2 steak on those pleats!  Amazing!!!