One Sentence Reviews...

I have been buying bad album covers faster than I have been able to write about them. I can't throw a stone randomly into the air in Scotland without it coming down and hitting a shitty abum cover. Its basically heaven but with neds and some suspect cuisine.  So for your viewing pleasure, may I present.....
Album title... 'Close Personal Friends'... I think he has overstepped his friendship boundaries with this one...

I hear Clyde the Ape had sexy relations with Clint's mistress...

I would have prefered it if it were called "Obituary"

"Music for Celebrating Special Occassions and Party Dances... And My Funeral... Because I am going to fucking shoot myself in the throat after hearing this..."

"Brenda... I'm gonna punch you in the mouth..."

These guys and gal are travelling at LUDICROUS SPEED!!!

"Hey Willie... You seen my tooth?"


1977... The Year Everyone's Trousers Went Retarded


 I understand that the 1970s were a different time. I know that fashion changes not just from year to year but from week to week. These are facts that have not eluded me but gazing upon this album cover I have to ask myself what the fuck were people thinking in 1977???

I am sure the Bay City Rollers were flying high around this time in Glasgow and everyone wanted to look/ act/ talk like these fashion icon rockstars but seriously...

These accordian wizards, who were already established as Eddie Van Halen-esque squeezebox prodigies, could have worn anything and the Ceilidh groupies would have thrown their wrinkled flesh at them yet they still chose to don matching outfits that make Arnold Palmer look like Lady Gaga.

And the album title!!! HOT STUFF! If you could not see the album cover and only heard the artist's name, album title and year of release you would think that the Currie Brothers were some Cleveland-based soul/ funk duo... Not two plaid trouser wearing, dumb smile flashing, "my mom cuts my hair to save money" hair-do sporting teens from Scotland. HOT STUFF? I am not sure I would consider this album HOT STUFF even if I where an Irish Catholic priest with record player and a bottle of lube.

The Currie Brothers are still hanging around Glasgow and still rocking the accordians.  They are available for weddings/ events and can be contacted through their website at www.curriebrothers.com  I am not sure if they still wear the same clothing as they did in 1977 but I would pay extra if they did.  This is a rock solid keeper in my ever growing collection of hilariously tragic album covers.