I am not even sure where to start with this record.  I guess I should state that I sort of fancy myself somewhat of an expert on terrible album covers.  There are a few sites on the old interweb dedicated to such things.  There are actual holy grails of collectible bad covers.  Yet with all my knowledge of the genre I have never seen, nor heard, of this album.  This record cover is simply the worst in my collection.  There is not even a close second. 

I came across this record this week in a Value Village.  I was attending a wedding out of town so I decided to go and do some digging the day before.  Most Value Villages have the same picked over stock littered with Barbara Streisand and Bee Gees albums so expectations were low.  In the third stack, behind a copy of a beat up Dionne Warwick album
was this forgotten treasure.  I could not believe my good fortune.  I felt like I had unearthed a previously undiscovered dinosaur skeleton.  It was so idiotic and ridiculous that it wasn't possible for me to have not known about this!  I felt like a rank amateur.  I felt like a sommelier who had never heard of Chateaux Lafite-Rothschild 1869.  (How is that for an obscure reference???)

After I paid my $1.49, I could not find a record player fast enough.  Was the music as terrible as the cover?  Luckily, it was worse.

"You're My Superwoman, You're My Incredible Man" by Louise Mandrell and RC Bannon is possibly the most perfect example of the bad album.  From the cover art which features both artists in super hero costumes that look like they were stitched together from the polyester remains of the wardrobe department of "The Greatest American Hero" set to the comic sans font on the back cover, this album has absolutely every bullet point when going down a checklist of bad album must-haves.  Case in point... The back cover has a picture of Ms. Mandrell holding a stool with one hand.  On this stool sits Mr. Bannon, looking like a creepy child lover, eating an ice cream cone.  His facial expression says, "Come hither young boy for I want to lick you in the manner in which I am licking this yummy strawberry cone."  Too friggin' disturbing!!! I love it!!!

Although, Ms. Mandrell does know how to fill out a knock-off Wonder Woman costume, she should never have agreed to this.  Seriously... who would ever let themselves be photographed for something that was just waiting to come back to haunt them in a random internet blog decades later?  The art director, whose name is actually on the cover, Gabrielle Raumberger, should have been bashed in the head with the heaviest, bluntest instrument available at the time.  A public lynching would not have been an over reaction. 

The music is your standard country fare from this era.  Mundane and boring it does not do the cover art justice.  I am not sure what they would have had to record to live up to the this eyesore.  One of the tracks, "Some Of My Best Friends Are Old Songs," actually makes me feel that some of my best friends are old, SHITTY album covers. 

This album was enlightening to me.  It helped remind me that there are still many covers out there that I have yet to discover.  It humbled me.  It filled me with a sense of wonder and with a renewed vigor for finding that perfect bad album cover.  I am not sure I will ever find anything to top this one but I will never again be so bold as to think it might not be out there waiting for me.  Thank you Louise Mandrell and RC Bannon.  I will never forget you.


Rasa- Everything You See Is Me

In the past, I have reviewed a few records with "spiritual" tones and all that other hippie, Hare Krishna cheese.  This is another of those albums.  Although most of the tracks on this record are new age-ish and, apart from great production value, absolutely terrible, there is one killer jam.  The first song on side B, "Chanting," does not fall in line with the other tracks which are the equivalent of audio hepatitis.

As stated above, the production value is high on this album.  Everything sounds great... except the music.  I now know where those salmon robed, bald headed jerks who bother you on the streets of larger cities and in airports spend the money they beg from passersby.  Its spent on quality studio time... not on enlightenment or cruelty-free, lemon grass based energy smoothies.

I found this at a Value Village for a buck.  I grabbed it simply because in the liner notes they thanked George Harrison, Stevie Wonder and Neil Diamond for their contributions.  Unfortunately, it was likely in the financing of the record and certainly not in the songwriting.  Apart from "Chanting" which is a stone cold jam, this is about as entertaining as a dinner party with your tenth grade science teacher, your ex-girlfriend who couldn't understand what's great about Sonic Youth and a box of dirty towels.  Still, because of "Chanting" it was worth the dollar I spent.

Artist: Rasa
Title: Everything You See Is Me
Label: Govinda
Year: 1978
Matrix: RA 106
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Weekly Digital Mixtape #12

So, for this week I was planning a set full of angst, anger and rage to commemorate my recent break-up.  It was to be my "Girls Are Dumb" Edition but well... Circumstances and opportunities change quickly in this age of the interweb and I don't need to vent with this week's version of the Weird Wax Digital Mixtape.  This week is a week of optimism.  A week of living in the now.  A week in which I have chosen my absolute favourite pop songs.  Each song in this edition is, in my most humble opinion, a perfectly crafted Rock/Pop song.  These may not be my favourite songs of all time but they are songs I will continue to listen to over the next 50 years.  Fingers crossed on that one... I have a lot of things to do before I shed this mortal coil.

This week's mixtape features tracks from The Cars, The Beatles, Jay Reatard, The 13th Floor Elevators, Eric's Trip, Sloan, The Yardbirds, The One And Onlys, Simple Minds, Pavement and The Beach Boys.  Like I have said, these may not be my favourite songs.  These may not even be my favourite songs by each of these bands.  But each song is a reminder of how imaginative, creative and catchy something as simple as a standard three minute, radio friendly composition can truly be.  These songs, my friends, are the audio equivalent of a religious epiphany.  Enjoy...

You can download the week's mixtape HERE for free...


Weekly Digital Mixtape #11

Yes, faithful readers... all 2 of you!  The time for a new weekly (?) digital mixtape is upon us.  This one features songs from the past 5 years or so that I love.  Just newish stuff this time around.  There are bands like Shearing Pinx, Tyvek, Ty Segall and Matthew Melton.  I hope to keep up the weekly part as best I can but with work, the move and "the break-up" I have been neglecting this site more than I had hoped.  But fear not!  New reviews and weekly digital mixtapes will soon flow as all of you have become accustomed to.  The new Weird Wax mansion is almost completely unpacked and is better than ever. 

You can download this new edition of the mixtape HERE!!!


The Desert Sessions- Vol.1 & 2

The Desert Sessions are an ever evolving collaborative band headed by Kyuss/ Queens Of The Stone Age/ Eagles Of Death Metal honcho, Josh Homme.  He basically invites people he likes to his house for marathon recording sessions.  Former members have included the likes of PJ Harvey, Jack Black, Jesse Hughes and Pete Stahl.  This particular album was recorded in three days while everyone was messed up on mushrooms... seriously...

The Desert Sessions have some of the best stoner rock jams out there.  Many of the songs are totally improvised and have that steady psych beat that you can just zone out to.  The highlight of the album for me is the track, "Robotic Lunch"

I found this record at a garage sale of all places.  It turns out some idiot kid left a bunch of sweet records at his parent's house while he ran off to smoke weed with hippies in the forest or some shit.  Whatever the reason, his folks were more than happy to unload about 100 records for a solid price of $35!

Although I am a huge fan of Josh Homme's other work, I feel The Desert Sessions albums are not only his best work but his most creative and free flowing.  Because he isn't stuck with record execs or producers telling him to do this or that he is free to just play and the results are dirty, fuzzed out psych/ stoner masterpieces.  An amazing score for 35 cents!

Artist: The Desert Sessions
Title: Vol. 1 & 2
Label: Man's Ruin
Matrix: MR081
Year: 2008
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3