Harmonium- "Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison" or "Les Cinq Saisons"

This record was found at a church flea market.  It was bought simply because I love albums with full art wrapping around the gatefold cover. Everything was written in French so I really had no clue what I was getting into.

Upon first listen I realized it may well have been the best 25 cents I have ever spent.  This is a soft prog/ psych masterpiece.  Jumping from whimsical trippy riffs to folk jams to dixieland jazz seamlessly, Harmonium must have been something to see live.

They released 3 albums in the 70's and disbanded in 1978.  This album was the middle album and considered by most the high-water mark of the band.

In 2007, all three of Harmonium's studio albums were named among the 100 greatest Canadian albums of all time in Bob Mersereau's book The Top 100 Canadian Albums. They were the only francophone albums from Quebec named to the list besides Jean-Pierre Ferland's Jaune

Artist: Harmonium
Title:  Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison or sometimes known as "Les Cinq Saisons"
Label: Celebration
Matrix: CEL1900
Year: 1975
Speed: 33.3
Size: 12"

Cockroach- "So Many Things/ It's Time"

This is a rare little 7" from Canada's Cockroach.  Released in 1975 on London Records, both sides showcase this criminally unknown band's ability when it comes to acid psych rock.  I could not find out much about this record or this band.  I guess they did lay down a CBC session that was well received although I am not sure if they ever released a full length LP.

This record seems to be fairly rare.  I did find one copy sold on popsike.com but past that I don't really know anything about this band or record.  Its a shame because this is a solid 7" that could have been a stellar backbone for a monster LP

Band: Cockroach
Tracks: So Many Things b/w It's Time
Label: London
Matrix: L.2580
 Year: 1975
Speed: 45
Size: 7"