Discogs-  A huge database of records and online marketplace

Popsike- Keeps track of online record auctions

Dust & Grooves-  A cool blog that interviews record collectors

Waxidermy - A site that focuses on strange/ rare records

LP Cover Lover - A site that showcases cool/ weird/ obscure record covers

Sleeveface - Funny site where people use record sleeves to cover their faces

Analog Apartment - A general record lover's site that features turntables, design and storage options

The Thrift Store Record Collector - A site similar to this one

Sleevage- A cool blog that focuses on record cover art

Worst Album Covers - Enough Said...

ST33 - A cool site about everything vinyl related from the UK

Thrift Store Vinyl- Looks like this site isn't updated anymore but still some cool record stuff on it

Soul Strut- A vinyl collecting community plus a great classifieds section