Music To Renovate Your Kitchen To...

Soft Cell will always and forever be known as "That Tainted Love Band" and rightly so. That song is amazing and if you think otherwise, you are a moron and should be put to sleep. Like so many other one hit wonders, they fell into obscurity and most of their other albums/ singles have found their way in dollar bins across the globe.

This 12" single featuring less known "hits" Bedsitter and Facility Girls has an ummmm... interesting cover. Both band members are wearing what I am sure was high fashion at the time staring off into the nothingness of their existence as they ponder kitchen utensils and crockery.  When they were thinking of album art when did the idea to hang knives, spatulas, spoons and saucepans come into play?  "So yeah dude... I was snorting lines as big as baby arms with Warhol and Debbie Harry last night when I had this idea... Wait for it... Frying pans... Just let that sink in... And not just frying pans... All sorts of shit from the kitchen... A meat cleaver... Maybe some pots... A couple spoons... A big knife and shit...  I know, right... Your mind is blown...Totally fucking genius!!! "

These are the things I wonder about. I think about what could other people possibly be thinking when they allow themselves to be photographed in such a manner. Did they know that the future was eventually going to be a reality and that they would have friends and family look back on this event and have unlimited material in which to humiliate them? I am glad they never thought that far ahead... LOVE THIS COVER!!!


I need to go to Castlemilk...

While out wandering the streets of Glasgow yesterday, I came across a wonderful little charity shop called The Brittannia Panopticon Music Hall.  As far as junk shops go, this is the best one I've seen so far in Scotland.  They had everything. Toys, books, vintage clothing and a solid collection of bad album covers.  The prices were a tad high for my liking so I just grabbed a few Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons postcards.  6 for 2 quid.

As I was paying, I began to chat with the older woman behind the counter.  I told her that I loved her store and we began talking about music.  I mentioned this blog you are reading now and as soon as she heard that I collect terrible album covers, she scurried in the basement, left me alone in her store with other customers (who decided that it was my job to help them find what they were looking for) and didn't come back for like 5 minutes.  Normally, I would have left but something told me she was digging for gold in that cellar.

She returned wearing a "Behold... I have brought to you the greatest ridiculous record cover in all of Scotland" smile.  As I looked on in a state of euphoria/ disbelief, the magnitude of such a record sleeve began to sink in. I tried to make sense of everything that was happening not just on the sleeve but in my mind. So politically incorrect.  So classist. Almost racist. It was in a word... GLORIOUS.

"The Peg Legged Kiltie Coalman From Castlemilk" is a 7" masterpiece from Billy Gordon and the Sunset Trio. Part cabaret singer/ part comedy, this record is now a centerpiece of my ever growing, bad album art collection. I am not sure I will find another trophy such as this in my Scotish vinyl safari but scoring this record has already made my UK hunt a success. 

A big thank you goes out to the lovely lady at The Brittannia Panopticon Music Hall for not just finding this record for me... but for giving it to me for FREE!!! Score!!!


Fashion Panther

Every once in awhile there is a man. A man of discerning taste whose sense of fashion makes whatever everyone else is wearing irrelevant. He makes us feel like hobos who have not changed our boxer shorts for a month. This man, certainly the type of man of whom Ray Davies once sang about as a dedicated man of fashion, looks so fucking good he is basically Zeus personified. This man, ladies and germs, is Mr. Abie.

The glasses... He was Thurston Moore before Thurston Moore. The hair... Fuck you, Tom Jones. This is the proper way to style your mane of luxurious spun silver. The suit... The trimming says "Yeah, I likely boned your mom" while the 747 wing sized lapels say "Screw you kid... You wish I was your dad."  I am not even going into the bow tie. I mean honestly... what can I say about something so perfect, so immaculate that I am sure if Jesus ever came back to Earth, he would wear this and only this...

Mr. Abie was a popular radio host in the 1970's who died of throat cancer completely broke.  An interesting bit of trivia... Recently, his two sons killed a man they had mistakenly thought hit their mother... She just fell and cut her cheek. Honest mistake...


Back In The Good Old Days...

"Lady and the Champ" is a Scottish stand-up album from Hector Nicol. Although I am not familiar with his comedy stylings, the guy sure knows how to grab my attention with his cover art.

Sporting a beauty of a fake black eye and a drunken smile, Mr. Nicol looks to be in the mood for some violent lovin'. He is wearing well worn boxing gloves and I can imagine him saying, in his best Andy Capp impersonation, that his wife (who looks exactly like Mr. Nicol in terrifying drag) is about to get it... And by it, I mean beaten like egg whites.

His wife, whose expression is one of "Nooooo, not again... You're so menacing" sarcasrm, looks like she has been through this drunken tableau before... Possibly daily... Her truck stop waitress uniform is likely stained with years of tears and gravy but you can tell she is no pushover.

I am not condoning spousal abuse. I think its a plague that needs to be eliminated from modern culture.  I AM condoning hilarious album covers that insinuate such horrific violence.  When collecting bad record covers, you need to have a broad sense of humour and overlook past social norms that today are seen as archaic and barbaric (but still funny... REALLLLLLLY funny)

Here's Scotland!!!

Hello from the land of whisky, bagpipes and more whisky!  I am here in Scotland for the next little while and since I don't have real life and other writing commitments to hold me back, this blog will be getting more attention that it has in the recent past. So far Scotland has been a treasure chest of terrible album covers.  There is a wonderfully ridiculous record store just minutes from where I am staying in Glasgow that basically specializes in album covers that amuse me. I could have walked out of there with dozens of gems that I would have gladly added to my ever-growing collection of hilarity but I had to pace myself... I am here for awhile. No need to go overboard in my first week...

This vinyl beauty featuring traditional Scottish tunes caught my eye basically because of the title "HERE'S SCOTLAND" and all it had on the cover was bottles of booze. I am not one to toss around stereotypes but if the Scots are willing to push that envelope, then who am I to complain. Yes... Here IS Scotland in all of its alcohol soaked glory. Wonderful folk songs like "The Ollaberry Two-step" and "An Eriskay Love Lilt" are perfect for an evening with friends and a stomach pumping at the local infirmary.

I have only been in Scotland for a few days but already I am seeing how pub culture and booze play a part in everyday life. Having a pint at lunch, a glass of wine at dinner and a bottle of whisky before bed is as common here as hockey, bacon and beavers are in Canada. I am not saying everyone in Scotland is an alcoholic... Some of us are tourists...


Billy Walker: Sex Symbol

Aside from collecting terrible album covers, I am also somewhat of a cowboy shirt aficionado.  I own about a dozen vintage shirts and wear them all the time. I don't think I own a beauty like this though...

Just look at him... Looking all majestic/ creepy in his Freddie style neckerchief. The shirt gloriously yelling "Look at me, world. I am one sexy fucking cowboy and I am ready to  impregnate some farm girls!" And don't even get me started about those painted on trousers... SPLOOSH.

Even the horse looks like he is ready for the stud pasture. Just a man and his horse and his rose patterned blouse roaming around the desert, singing of lost loves, guns, guitars and outlaws. I imagine a lot of lonely nights, campfires, star filled skies with no company around for miles... just the horse... that muscular, well groomed horse. Yes, I am sure Mr. Walker and his trusty stallion were close friends.

I scored this record at an amazing junk shop in the small town of Bruce Mines, Ontario.  The owner, Mike, was a great guy who had some amazing records to go along with a jam packed warehouse of lost treasures. Check him out on facebook at Mae-Ger Treasures and if you are ever in the area, stop by and stay the hell away from the records... Those are mine...


Let's Go To Church!!!

So as many of you, my loyal readers, know I am fascinated by religious album covers.  For something that is supposed to show faith and loyalty to an omniscient holy being, the Christian zealots who release this stuff sure seem to choose the absolute weirdest looking mooks to do it.  I know Jesus was supposed to be a loving and forgiving diety but no one, not even Jesus, could forgive these guys for wearing these turtlenecks/ sweater vest combos.  WOW! And let's not let the lady off the hook either... "Hello? Wardrobe director of Little House On The Prairie? Did some blond Christian woman singing about the glory of God happen to steal Nellie Olsen's dress?"
I found this gem at a Value Village for $1.49.  I almost fell to my knees and screamed PRAISE JEBUS!  This is actually a holy grail of bad album cover collecting.  Its on a few sites dedicated to such things.  I am not sure what the monetary value is on something this terrible/ awesome but it was certainly worth the cash I laid down for it.  I mean come on... Look at those polyester trousers!  you could cut a $2 steak on those pleats!  Amazing!!! 


Jay's Favourite Band

Yes... This is certainly an album cover that fits the bill as a "bad" album cover.  But in 1984 when Morris Day and The "Muthafuckin'" Time (A shout out to Jay of Clerks, Mallrats, and other Kevin Smith movies fame) released this monster, they were some bad ass purveyors of funk.  They may look ridiculous in hindsight but these dance demons from Minneapolis were the shit back in the day.

Back in late 1980, Prince (yeah... THAT Prince) decided to form a band to serve as an outlet for material that was reminiscent of his early tracks so he could focus more on experimenting with new genres and symbol based names.  The Time was this band.  Prince may have held their hand at the beginning but with Morris Day, Jellybean Johnson, Jimmy Jam and the likes recruited, The Time soon became a solid funk army in no time. 

Most people remember them from the movie,"Purple Rain" and their catchy as hepatitis track, "Jungle Love."  Or well... most people don't actually remember them at all but if you do remember them, chances are its from either of these two things...

Now on to the suits/ hair... I will never say a bad word about Morris Day.  That pimp had style.  More arrogant than a three term Republican senator, Morris Day could pull off any suit.  The rest of the band, well, that is another story all together.  Look at the Jheri curled dude in the pink suit!  Seriously... Dude... White boots?  Who the hell do you think you are? Dale Evans? And the little white kid with his orange pin striped Zoot Suit!  Go back to grade 10 and study your chemistry.  You have a test next Wednesday!

"Ice Cream Castle" may have you laughing at the fashion of the day and possibly convince you to never give it a chance musically but this album is a stone cold jam.  Cover to cover.  What time is it?  A quarter past FUNK!


I need to grow a killer moustache...

Growing up, I was always surrounded by moustaches.  It was the late 70's and everyone wore a cookie duster.  It was a right of passage for most young boys entering manhood.  And the thicker, more lush the lip weasel, the more likely you were to succeed in life, as well as with the ladies.  Moustaches were simply THE TITS!

But somewhere along the line the dirt squirrel fell out of favour with men and certainly with females.  In the 80's, the preppy look took over and flavour savers became a facial fashion faux pas.  Moustaches were viewed as things pedophiles and porn stars wore.  It was a sad day to be one who rocked a womb broom.

But in the new millenium staches have made somewhat of a comeback.  Movember is fast becoming a huge deal in countries like Canada, Australia and the UK.  Gone are the days when mothers would shelter their children whenever they saw a lip rug.  They had once again become fashionable... or at least socially acceptable.

This record, from 1980 (the salad days of face furniture), displays some incredible Kentucky lip cozies.  Look at that mandolin guy??? Freddy Fender has nothing on that lush lip toupee.  And the banjo player??? He looks like he could strain a pint of milk out of that beauty!

I haven't even listened to this record but I know I would love it.  Three staches, a goatee and one sad little dude without a trace of face fungus could not make a bad album.  Its basically impossible. The album is called "For Our Friends" and by the looks of all their pals in the background, I can assess that they surrounded themselves with fellow misplaced eyebrow aficionados because they realized the awesome power staches hold.  A smart career move on their part.  I salute you, Dixie Flyers, for reminding me of the good old days when lip spinach was almost a necessity if you wanted to get laid! 


Basically the only reason I buy jazz records...

As I have stated numerous times in previous posts, I am not a fan of jazz.  There are a few exceptions but as a rule, I like jazz records about as much as I like the Kardashians.  In my eyes, they are both a plague on society and should be eradicated.

But there is one thing I love about some jazz records.  The incredible cover art.  This LP from Bud Freeman with vocals by The Demarco Sisters has beautiful artwork. Vibrant colours.  Abstract forms.  Perfect fonts.  This is one of my favourite covers of all time. 

This particular album came from the box of records my aunt bought for me for two bucks that I had mentioned a few posts back.  Most of the box was filled with crap but there were like five or six keepers.  This one, which is actually worth like $40-50, deserves more than being placed on a shelf.  I might actually frame it and hang it on my wall. 

I cannot find a signature or a name of the artist but I would pay some serious cash money to find more work by him/ her.  If anyone knows the artist, please contact me. 

Post Script... After a listen, there is one track on this record that I actually dig.  Its called "The Atomic Age" and its a stone cold jam.

Cò an caora sin còmhla riut a chunnaic mi an-raoir?

The past few days have been interesting.  A very close friend whom I hadn't talked to in far too long contacted me through the interweb.  She lives in Scotland and it got me thinking about all things Scottish.  I decided to flip through some old bins to see if I could not find an appropriate record for the occasion.

This record is about as Scottish as it gets.  From Kenneth McKellar's lovely tartan socks to his in no way effeminate kilt to his half drunk on thick beer smile, this album cover screams your average Tuesday night in Glasgow!

"Roamin' In The Gloamin'" features a bunch of classic Scottish songs like "The Cockle Gatherer," "Scotland The Brave" and "Bonnie Wee Thing."  Although I am not a fan of anything on this album, you have to appreciate the cover.  He looks so proud... and drunk... which is also a measure of Scottish pride. 

I make fun of Scots and their raging alcoholism but stereotypes are based in fact.  Case in point, my friend messaged me this morning complaining of a hangover and disavowing tequila for all eternity.  I love that girl!!!

So yeah... Go to Scotland.  Drink your face off.  And get Kenneth McKellar's autograph.  And then drink some more.

Post Script... The title of this post means "Who was that sheep I saw you with last night?" in Gaelic... A common phrase in Scotland, I am sure.


How pathetic...

As I was flipping through some new record purchases I saw this beauty.  I had forgotten I had even bought it.  It was unearthed at a garage sale in an old shed that smelled of dust and junk obsession.  It was loaded with moldy records and knick knacks of compulsions past.

I bought this particular record because the cover art is so heartbreaking and pathetic.  It features a guy on a park bench who was probably just minding his own business and thinking about how to get back at that two-timing, beehived bitch of an ex-girlfriend.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the ex strolls past him with THE GUY!  That asshole guy he sorta knew from his ex's work.  So instead of just getting up to leave, our hero just hangs his head and boo hoos like the broken man he has become.

The girl, who thinks she's all that with her green skirt and her dumb face, looks sadly over at the man she destroyed with an expression of sickening pity mixed with a dash of "God... He's such a loser."  She has no idea what she has done to this guy.  He loved her.  He truly did.

The new guy's face is hidden but I imagine he is saying, "Come on babe... You don't need to see this shit."  He too has no clue as to the damage he helped create.  He is simply trying to get her out of there before she has second thoughts or at least before she backs out of the previously mentioned bout of sweaty fornicating.

Yes... This album cover tells an entire story.  It may seem sad to the average record collector/ blogger but I am not your average record collector/ blogger.  I know what happens after this tableau ends.  The love sick protagonist of this story goes home to collect his thoughts.  He looks in a mirror and gains strength from his agony.  Then he goes out, buys a chainsaw and kills them both in a brutal act of vengeance.  Good for him... Good for him...

Post Script... This record is actually worth a decent chunk of change.  Got it for free and have seen it on ebay for as much as $120!!! Score!!!


I needed this today...

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain and an air of melancholy.  I wasn't feeling my old confident self.  There were particles of self doubt floating in the ether.  I am not sure what happened between when the sandman put me under his spell and the rooster cock-a-doodled but I just wasn't myself this morning.

Luckily, my aunt gave me a box of records she purchased at a garage sale for a paltry $2.  As I flipped though them, disdainfully viewing the many Ray Conniff and Mitch Miller albums, I came across this gem.  Immediately I recognized it as a sign of changing winds.  Just the sight of the cover began filling me with that spark that was missing from my morning coffee.  "Music for Courage and Confidence."  I could not believe my good fortune!

Needless to say, this album delivered on its bold title.  After a quick listen I was ready to take on the world.  No longer would the all encompassing gloom of my morning stop me from becoming the hero of the day.  I was going to paint that painting.  I was going to climb that mountain.  I am going to flirt with that girl who barely knows I am alive.  Rejection better just back the fuck off today or he will become a victim of my upbeat wrath. 

I feel like going outside and telling the sunshine that it better get its ass back here or shit is going to go down.  The thunderstorm that is rolling through already looks frightened by my over the top optimism.  Thanks, Aunt Cathy for saving me from my own misguided yet very real bout of the Mondays (even though its Thursday).  I love you.

Post Script... I may be losing it... Thoughts???


I have been giving some thought on what to say about such a 'revealing' album cover.  I could start with the obvious and talk about her rocking boobs.  I could even go he high road and discuss the objectification of women in the vinyl collecting world.  But I think I will simply start with the fact that this album cover could NEVER happen today.  The self righteous, Wal-Mart shopping, puritanical Christian crowd would absolutely lose their collective shit. 

We seem to think we have progessed as a species.  We think we are better people than we were just 50 years ago. And in many ways, we are.  Racism is no longer socially acceptable.  Women are making great strides in the work place.  Gay rights have become a top issue.  But the one place where we seem to have regressed is in the realm of free thought and artistic acceptance.  I am by no means saying that this is a great piece of art.  It isn't.  Its simply a crude and crass comedy album that time has long forgotten. The point I am making is that 40 years ago, this type of album cover was accepted.  Today the pitchforks would be out and Billy Devroe (The Comedian) would be lambasted on every 24 hours news/ entertainment channel from here to Beijing.

I am not sure how I got into a rant about artistic freedom from looking at some woman (who is likely in her late 60's/ early 70's by now) who was photographed for a raunch comedy album decades ago but whatever... I did. Listening to music or looking at films today fills me with a sense of disgust.  The art world used to be full of rebellion and change.  Now its a vat of homogenized horse shit.  Our kids are force fed the Rihannas and Lady Gagas of the world and cannot see that they are being duped.  These are not role models.  These are high controlled commodities who are told what to wear, what to say and when to shit.  They are robot hookers who do what they are told for cash. 

Dude... I really wanted to make this post funny.  I wanted to talk about how her husband today probably puts this cover in front of her all the time and asks why she doesn't look like THAT anymore.  I wanted to make fun of the album title by saying instead of 'She Gives Trade Stamps' it should read 'She Has Tramp Stamps' or something like that... I dunno... I really did have some top notch humour set out for this but I woke up grumpy.  Friggin' rain!!! 



 I am not even sure where to start with this record.  I guess I should state that I sort of fancy myself somewhat of an expert on terrible album covers.  There are a few sites on the old interweb dedicated to such things.  There are actual holy grails of collectible bad covers.  Yet with all my knowledge of the genre I have never seen, nor heard, of this album.  This record cover is simply the worst in my collection.  There is not even a close second. 

I came across this record this week in a Value Village.  I was attending a wedding out of town so I decided to go and do some digging the day before.  Most Value Villages have the same picked over stock littered with Barbara Streisand and Bee Gees albums so expectations were low.  In the third stack, behind a copy of a beat up Dionne Warwick album
was this forgotten treasure.  I could not believe my good fortune.  I felt like I had unearthed a previously undiscovered dinosaur skeleton.  It was so idiotic and ridiculous that it wasn't possible for me to have not known about this!  I felt like a rank amateur.  I felt like a sommelier who had never heard of Chateaux Lafite-Rothschild 1869.  (How is that for an obscure reference???)

After I paid my $1.49, I could not find a record player fast enough.  Was the music as terrible as the cover?  Luckily, it was worse.

"You're My Superwoman, You're My Incredible Man" by Louise Mandrell and RC Bannon is possibly the most perfect example of the bad album.  From the cover art which features both artists in super hero costumes that look like they were stitched together from the polyester remains of the wardrobe department of "The Greatest American Hero" set to the comic sans font on the back cover, this album has absolutely every bullet point when going down a checklist of bad album must-haves.  Case in point... The back cover has a picture of Ms. Mandrell holding a stool with one hand.  On this stool sits Mr. Bannon, looking like a creepy child lover, eating an ice cream cone.  His facial expression says, "Come hither young boy for I want to lick you in the manner in which I am licking this yummy strawberry cone."  Too friggin' disturbing!!! I love it!!!

Although, Ms. Mandrell does know how to fill out a knock-off Wonder Woman costume, she should never have agreed to this.  Seriously... who would ever let themselves be photographed for something that was just waiting to come back to haunt them in a random internet blog decades later?  The art director, whose name is actually on the cover, Gabrielle Raumberger, should have been bashed in the head with the heaviest, bluntest instrument available at the time.  A public lynching would not have been an over reaction. 

The music is your standard country fare from this era.  Mundane and boring it does not do the cover art justice.  I am not sure what they would have had to record to live up to the this eyesore.  One of the tracks, "Some Of My Best Friends Are Old Songs," actually makes me feel that some of my best friends are old, SHITTY album covers. 

This album was enlightening to me.  It helped remind me that there are still many covers out there that I have yet to discover.  It humbled me.  It filled me with a sense of wonder and with a renewed vigor for finding that perfect bad album cover.  I am not sure I will ever find anything to top this one but I will never again be so bold as to think it might not be out there waiting for me.  Thank you Louise Mandrell and RC Bannon.  I will never forget you.


Rasa- Everything You See Is Me

In the past, I have reviewed a few records with "spiritual" tones and all that other hippie, Hare Krishna cheese.  This is another of those albums.  Although most of the tracks on this record are new age-ish and, apart from great production value, absolutely terrible, there is one killer jam.  The first song on side B, "Chanting," does not fall in line with the other tracks which are the equivalent of audio hepatitis.

As stated above, the production value is high on this album.  Everything sounds great... except the music.  I now know where those salmon robed, bald headed jerks who bother you on the streets of larger cities and in airports spend the money they beg from passersby.  Its spent on quality studio time... not on enlightenment or cruelty-free, lemon grass based energy smoothies.

I found this at a Value Village for a buck.  I grabbed it simply because in the liner notes they thanked George Harrison, Stevie Wonder and Neil Diamond for their contributions.  Unfortunately, it was likely in the financing of the record and certainly not in the songwriting.  Apart from "Chanting" which is a stone cold jam, this is about as entertaining as a dinner party with your tenth grade science teacher, your ex-girlfriend who couldn't understand what's great about Sonic Youth and a box of dirty towels.  Still, because of "Chanting" it was worth the dollar I spent.

Artist: Rasa
Title: Everything You See Is Me
Label: Govinda
Year: 1978
Matrix: RA 106
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Weekly Digital Mixtape #12

So, for this week I was planning a set full of angst, anger and rage to commemorate my recent break-up.  It was to be my "Girls Are Dumb" Edition but well... Circumstances and opportunities change quickly in this age of the interweb and I don't need to vent with this week's version of the Weird Wax Digital Mixtape.  This week is a week of optimism.  A week of living in the now.  A week in which I have chosen my absolute favourite pop songs.  Each song in this edition is, in my most humble opinion, a perfectly crafted Rock/Pop song.  These may not be my favourite songs of all time but they are songs I will continue to listen to over the next 50 years.  Fingers crossed on that one... I have a lot of things to do before I shed this mortal coil.

This week's mixtape features tracks from The Cars, The Beatles, Jay Reatard, The 13th Floor Elevators, Eric's Trip, Sloan, The Yardbirds, The One And Onlys, Simple Minds, Pavement and The Beach Boys.  Like I have said, these may not be my favourite songs.  These may not even be my favourite songs by each of these bands.  But each song is a reminder of how imaginative, creative and catchy something as simple as a standard three minute, radio friendly composition can truly be.  These songs, my friends, are the audio equivalent of a religious epiphany.  Enjoy...

You can download the week's mixtape HERE for free...


Weekly Digital Mixtape #11

Yes, faithful readers... all 2 of you!  The time for a new weekly (?) digital mixtape is upon us.  This one features songs from the past 5 years or so that I love.  Just newish stuff this time around.  There are bands like Shearing Pinx, Tyvek, Ty Segall and Matthew Melton.  I hope to keep up the weekly part as best I can but with work, the move and "the break-up" I have been neglecting this site more than I had hoped.  But fear not!  New reviews and weekly digital mixtapes will soon flow as all of you have become accustomed to.  The new Weird Wax mansion is almost completely unpacked and is better than ever. 

You can download this new edition of the mixtape HERE!!!


The Desert Sessions- Vol.1 & 2

The Desert Sessions are an ever evolving collaborative band headed by Kyuss/ Queens Of The Stone Age/ Eagles Of Death Metal honcho, Josh Homme.  He basically invites people he likes to his house for marathon recording sessions.  Former members have included the likes of PJ Harvey, Jack Black, Jesse Hughes and Pete Stahl.  This particular album was recorded in three days while everyone was messed up on mushrooms... seriously...

The Desert Sessions have some of the best stoner rock jams out there.  Many of the songs are totally improvised and have that steady psych beat that you can just zone out to.  The highlight of the album for me is the track, "Robotic Lunch"

I found this record at a garage sale of all places.  It turns out some idiot kid left a bunch of sweet records at his parent's house while he ran off to smoke weed with hippies in the forest or some shit.  Whatever the reason, his folks were more than happy to unload about 100 records for a solid price of $35!

Although I am a huge fan of Josh Homme's other work, I feel The Desert Sessions albums are not only his best work but his most creative and free flowing.  Because he isn't stuck with record execs or producers telling him to do this or that he is free to just play and the results are dirty, fuzzed out psych/ stoner masterpieces.  An amazing score for 35 cents!

Artist: The Desert Sessions
Title: Vol. 1 & 2
Label: Man's Ruin
Matrix: MR081
Year: 2008
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Warpig- S/T

This is one of my favourite albums as well as one of my better record picking stories.  Warpig was formed in 1968 and toured the Ontario, Canada club circuit before being signed to independent label, Fonthill.  This, their only album, was released on Fonthill in 1970 and re-issued on London in 1973 and again in 2006/ 2010 on Relapse/ Kreation.

The copy shown is my playing copy.  It is the London pressing from 1973.  I scored this one at a Value Village for $1.49.  It consistently sells on eBay/ Discogs/ etc. for a few hundred dollars.  I use this as my listening copy because it is probably in the worst shape.  Over the years, I have accumulated numerous copies.  I have found 4 copies of this pressing and have yet to spend more than $2 for any of them.  I also found THREE SEALED COPIES of the original Fonthill pressing in a thrift store at the same time for $1 each.  Those can fetch as high as $700-1000 each!  I sold one to a friend for $50... just sharing in my good luck... but have held onto the other two for a rainy day.  And I even bought one of the Kreation re-issues simply because the vinyl was really cool.  Its like a cloudy, trippy white/blue vinyl.  I have even come across a few copies of their 45 for the song "Rockstar" a few times!

The reason I love this record isn't simply because I have bought about $5000 worth of their records for about $20 total.  Its because this album KILLS.  Amazing early psych/ metal.  You need to get a copy of this record... and if you can't afford to buy an early pressing, grab one of the latest re-issues.  Well worth the cash. 

Stats... (Original Pressing)
Artist: Warpig
Title: S/T
Year: 1970
Label: Fonthill
Matrix: F 103
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Marianne Faithfull- Broken English

Marianne Faithfull will always be known for her time with The Rolling Stones.  She was in a relationship with Mick Jagger from 1966-1970 and was the inspiration for a few of their songs.  She once said that her plan was to get a Rolling Stone as a boyfriend so she slept with three of them and decided Mick was the best.  Imagine some little hottie, groupie, hanger-on saying that today?  Awesome...

This album was sort of a comeback for Marianne.  After years of addiction (coke/ heroin/ whatever she could get her mitts on...) she released "Broken English" to some highly critical acclaim.  It was also the album where her voice was noticeably more haggard from the drugs/ smoking.  Gone was the "As Tears Go By" angelic tone.  Her "new" voice is/ was much more punk/ bluesy.  Although she would continue to be a junkie for a few more years, this record seems to be the turning point in her life where she decided to make a change.

But no one wants to hear about the record... Let's talk about her train wreck early years!  When the cops raided Keith Richards' place on drug suspicions, they found the young Ms. Faithfull all screwed up wearing only a fur rug!  In the mid 80's while still strung out on heroin she fell and broke her jaw!  In 1971, producer Mike Leander found her living on the street... she had lost custody of her son earlier that year after she broke up with Mick.  She also lived in a squat in Chelsea with one time boyfriend, Ben Brierly (Lead Singer of the punk band, The Vibrators)  Dude... this woman lived HARD!

The feel good part of this story is that Marianne cleaned up her shit and went on to record many albums and act in many movies.  She beat breast cancer and is still fighting Hepatitis C.  She is/ was very enigmatic and has certainly had one of the more interesting careers in music.  LOVE Marianne Faithfull... Oh yeah... and I got this record for free.  Score!

Artist: Marianne Faithfull
Title: Broken English
Label: Island
Year: 1979
Matrix: M1
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

The Alexandrov Song And Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army

As many of my loyal readers already know, I am a huge fan of Eastern European Folk/ Regional music.  Ok... maybe not a fan but I definitely never walk past a record like this in a thrift store. 

This record, pressed on the Soviet label, Melodiya, sounds serious.  Like if I were to crack a smile while listening to it I may be shipped on the gulag to Siberia to live out my days in a 4 x 8 cell eating stale bread, a slop made from something resembling meat and oatmeal and any rats I could catch while dreaming of Dostoyefski serious.  Listening to this record reminds me of that scene in Rocky IV when Rocky and Drago are just about to fight in Russia and the Soviet anthem is blaring while Drago enters to the ring.  And that huge drapery thing with Drago painted on it rises from the floor to cover one entire side of the stadium.  Damn!  Rocky IV was sooooo good!  Best line... When Drago lays a beat down on Apollo Creed and in his Dolph Lundgren, "Screw You" voice he coldly says "If he dies, he dies."  BADASS!  Dolph's best line in any movie... ever!

So yeah... This record is perfect if you feel like making borscht, conforming or just want to train your bear to ride a bicycle.  A total score for 10 cents!

Artist: The Alexandrov Song And Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army
Title: ???
 Matrix: C-01235-6
Year: ???
Label: Melodiya
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Bent Wind- Sussex

Everyone always asks me what is my greatest thrift store score of all-time.  Although I have gripped some solid records over my years of collecting, some worth as much as $700-800, they all pale in comparison to my copy of "Sussex" by Bent Wind.  This Canadian psych monster from 1969 consistently fetches upwards of $4000 (whenever it actually goes up for sale... which is a rarity in itself)

Finding a copy of this record in VG++ condition is the stuff of legends and when I first laid my eyes upon it in a charity shop I rarely venture into, I almost had a coronary!

This shop was located in a shitty neighbourhood and usually only had dirty clothing and a stack of plastic cups for sale.  I had been in this store maybe 3 or 4 times in my life and had never scored a decent record.  I was passing by with a few extra minutes on hand so I decided to see if there was anything worth anything.  Across the room I spotted a cardboard box full of vinyl so I raced across to see if there was anything besides James Last or Barbara Streisand in it.  I flipped through it as fast as possible because some dirty, psychotic looking dude was sizing me up.  Like realllllly sizing me up.  From about 10 inches away.  It was quite unsettling.  As I was about to just say screw it, a heavenly light shone from above and I swear to god, although I am not a religious man, angels sang and He spoke to me.  "PLEASE TAKE THIS LP AS A SIGN THAT I EXIST"  There, between two Anne Murray albums was Bent FRIGGIN' Wind!  It was in amazing shape.  Still had the original cello wrap on it!  I grabbed it and although I wanted to continue flipping through the box of vinyl, I scampered to the cash register.  The older woman who took my money commented on how she like the artwork on the sleeve.  As soon as I had exchanged my 10 CENTS!!!! for this record I told her that I felt that I could likely get about $3000-4000 for this LP.  She looked at me as if I was the dirty psychotic looking dude from across the room.

Now, this type of score is a once in a lifetime event and I know that I will never find another record as valuable or collectible in my life.  I have been to the mountaintop and the rest of my days will be spent on a slow decline of vinyl digging.  Bent Wind was my Everest and I am ok with that.  If I never find anything even remotely as cool as this album, I will know that for one day in my life I was the happiest record collector on the planet.


Inca Babies- This Train... Is Bound For Glory

First things first... I want to apologize for abandoning this blog for a couple of weeks.  I was in the middle of moving and well... this blog was not at the top of the priority list.  Now with that out of the way, let's move onto a new review!

Inca Babies were active from 1982 to 1988 but reformed in 2007 and have since been touring/ releasing new material.  They hail from Manchester, England and have released six albums and a handful of singles.

I grabbed this record in a Value Village for $1.49 because I liked the band name.  I had never heard of them before but was willing to gamble.  The cover art had me thinking this might be some sort of 90's indie rock but I was way off.  If I had to describe their sound I would go with "Inca Babies are what The Cramps would sound like if they were all messed up on ketamine."  They certainly have that rockabilly sound but its slowwwwwed way down.  That isn't a bad thing.  I like this album.  I am going to create a new genre here.  I am going to say Inca Babies are Deathabilly.  With this album they have created a dark and ominous album that would not be out of place as the soundtrack to a Jim Thompson novel (If you've never read Thompson, get to it!)  A solid record that I see moving into semi-heavy rotation around the new Weird Wax Mansion.

Glad to be back blogging about these vinyl gems!


Les Sultans- 21 Disques D'or

Bruce et Les Sultans were part of the early-mid 1960's folk/ garage scene in Quebec.  While North America was in the midst of the British Invasion, small town Quebec was booming with great bands who not only covered the songs coming out of the UK but also writing some of their own that rivaled those of The Stones, The Beatles, Herman's Hermits and The Dave Clark Five. Les Sultans continued to make records into the 1970's and changed their style to a softer sound

This is a great album of mostly cover songs from artists a little less rock and a little more folk/ pop like James Taylor and Neil Diamond.  Although this is certainly not my favourite genre, I still respect a well crafted pop tune and those guys wrote some monsters.  Bruce has a great voice and does justice to every track on the record. 

I had been looking for this record in particular for awhile.  I had a few Les Sultans 45's and loved them so I really wanted an LP.  I got this in a huge pile (400 or so) of records that a friend dropped off for free.  Most of the records were your standard rock fare but I was super stoked to find this one in the mix.  Its not overly valuable (maybe $20-30) but its a record I had wanted to a long time and am glad I came across a copy that was so clean... for FREE!!!  A very solid score.

Artist: Les Sultans
Title: 21 Disques D'or
Label: Les Archives du Disques Quebecois
Matrix: AQ 21002
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Weekly Mixtape #10- Summer Edition!!!

So after the past few days of scorching heat I have decided that it was time to officially say goodbye to winter.  There really is no spring here.  Just a short summer that the gods allow us so that we all don't shoot ourselves because of the 8 months of winter we endure.  So to celebrate Weird Wax has thrown together a kick ass summer mix.  It features lots of oldies from the likes of The Beach Boys, Little Richard, The Dave Clark Five and Eddie Cochran.  It also has a bunch of newish tunes from bands like Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin, Wavves, Nobunny and Young Governor.  Not all the songs are about the sun or summer or stuff like that.  Some are just rockin' jams that are perfect for those summer drives to the beach.  So download this week's Weird Wax Digital Mixtape and have a great summer!

Download it HERE!!! or as always click on the podcast button at the top of the page.  Enjoy!


Lightning Hopkins- A Legend In His Own Time

Sam John (Lightnin') Hopkins was born in Centerville, Texas on March 15, 1912.  He grew up with music but really developed a love for the blues when he met Blind Lemon Jefferson at a church picnic at the age of 8.  He grew up to be one of the most influential and loved blues guitarists of all time.  Rolling Stone magazine listed him as number 71 in their list of The Top 100 Guitarists of All Time.  I for one, think he should have been at least in the top 20.

There is something about these raw blues sounds that I love.  Although I am a big blues fan, I am picky.  I don't love full band blues like I love a guy, his guitar and a rough voice talking about hardship and loss.  That's the blues.  And Lightnin' Hopkins was one of the masters.

I got this album for $2 and although it had a vicious warp to it, I felt that if I could only listen to one song on it, it would still be worth $2.  And since it was only a couple bucks I felt it was worth trying to get rid of the warp.  Apart from the bend, the album itself was in great shape.  Limited scuffs and no major scratches.  And the sleeve was in NM state still in the original cello wrap.  I set the oven to 240 degrees and waited patiently until the LP started to become soft.  As soon as I could bend it slightly, I grabbed it from the oven, tossed it on the counter and pressed down on it with a heavy cutting block for 30 seconds.  And the verdict???  A great record that I can listen to (BOTH SIDES!!) for years to come.

Now I do not suggest that this method will work for every warped piece of vinyl in your collection but for this one time, it did.  With a little courage, a low set oven and fast fingers I saved a classic album from the scrap heap.

Artist: Lightning Hopkins
Title: A Legend In His Own Time
Label: United Superior
Matrix: 7785
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Bill Martin- Concerto For Headphones And Contra/ Buffoon In Asia Minor

I guess this is supposed to be a comedy album.  I am not quite sure.  I mean it is funny but its definitely not your standard stand-up album.  Its far weirder.  This might have something to do with the producer of the album, Harry Nilsson.

I bought this on eBay for a penny (I think... not more than 50 cents, for sure) and although I am not entirely sure what I am listening to, I like listening to it.  The skits that are performed on the LP are interesting but the background noise/ music really holds my attention.  Most comedy albums are not this well produced.  Nilsson's use of sound layers make this album not just a comedy album but a justifiable piece of art.

Listening to an album like this really brings Nilsson's genius to the forefront.  Yes, he was a great song writer.  Yes, he was a brilliant singer.  And yes, him and John Lennon used to do a lot of acid together.  But being able to steal the spotlight on a comedy album he neither wrote or performed on shows that his arrangements and ability to make the mundane beautiful was his true gift. 

If you have never watched it, check out the documentary, "Who Is Harry Nilsson?"  Its on Netflix, if you have a subscription.  Its a great movie about the best known musical artist you barely know anything about.

My apologies to Bill Martin for barely mentioning him in this little blurb about HIS album.  Bill, if you wanted me to talk more about you, you should have had some homeless, transvestite crackhead produce for you. 

Artist: Bill Martin
Title: Concerto For Headphones and Contra/ Buffoon In Asia Minor
Label: Warner Brothers
Matrix: 1856
Year: 1970
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Crazyville Hill- Life Is Just A Carnival

If there is one rule about vinyl collecting that I always follow its this : Never walk away from a record whose cover features garden gnomes/ elves playing guitars and drinking moonshine outside a carnival.  Its not a rule you have to follow very often. 

The album seems to be a privately pressed Texas-based nugget with Leon Turner Jr. as the main man behind it.  All the songs were written by him and he also wrote the liner notes.  The songs are actually decent.  Very folky/ country.  Released in 1979, I think poor Leon missed the alt-country/ folk artist trend by about a decade.  Had this been released in 1969, we may be more familiar with the Crazyville Hill name. 

I looked around the internet and found a couple copies for sale and a couple that have sold in the past.  It turns out its worth a nice chunk of change, ranging from $50 up to $120!  Not a bad score for a buck at a junk shop. 

Although the music itself isn't terrible (its not life altering, either) the best thing about this record is the cover art.  I love the gnome that's passed out on a picnic table!  And the name that is written on the bass drum is "Kamakazi Express."  I would pay big money to see a band of elves called Kamakazi Express blast out some country laced, rock jams.  Bobby Rector, who did the artwork, also played drums on 9 of the 12 tracks. 

Although I doubt this record will ever slip into heavy rotation around here, it has definitely endeared its way into a permanent spot in the Weird Wax Archives.  One of the best dollars I have ever spent!

Artist: Crazyville Hill
Title: Life Is Just A Carnival
Label: Privately Pressed
Matrix: ???
Year: 1979
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Various Artists- Seeds 1: Pop

I scored this record on eBay for 25 cents awhile back and it has since been heavy rotation around the Weird Wax Compound.  Its a sampler of great UK pop/ new wave/ post-punk from the early to mid 1980's.  I hadn't heard of most of the bands on the album when I bid on it but there was one band on there that was worth taking a 25 cent chance on, The Television Personalities.  Great band.

The album itself was released on Cherry Red Records.  This copy is a test pressing version.  There were only 25 made.  For those of you who aren't sure what a test pressing is, it is a copy that is made early on in the vinyl production process.  It is then sent back to the label/ artist for a listen to see if everything is okay.  Once the test pressings have been given the green light, full production continues and the album is released.  Most test pressings have blank or pressing plant labels instead of the label that appears on the actual release.  Many do not even have the sleeve. This one simply had a fold over version of the sleeve.  No seams.  Normally, there are not more than about 10-25 test pressings made.  With some records as few as 4 are pressed.

Although The Television Personalities were the only band I was familiar with it this sampler album is packed with cool songs.  I really dig the tracks by The Suede Crocodiles, Protex, The Sinatras and Marine Girls.  As an interesting side note, Marine Girls features Tracey Thorn who went on to score some major hits with the band, Everything But The Girl.  All in all, its a pretty cool compilation LP.  And getting a test pressing copy of it for a quarter is just an extra bonus. 

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Seeds 1: Pop
Label: Cherry Red
Matrix: BRED 74- Test Pressing
Year: 1987
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Billie & De De and Their Preservation Hall Jazz Band

I scooped this record on eBay with about 15 others for a penny each.  If you are buying a record for a penny on eBay, its usually best to grab a bunch (if possible) to help offset shipping costs.  With this purchase I scored some nice records.  Lighting Hopkins, Pigmeat Markham, Hank Williams.  I bid on this one simply as  filler to make the shipping costs worthwhile.

I didn't realize how much I loved this old jazz style.  Normally, I am not a jazz guy.  I mean I dig some of it and as I get older I am finding that I appreciate a lot more than I used to but as a rule, no jazz.  But I friggin' love this record!  It makes me feel like sitting in a smokey bar, drinking stale beer while sharing glances with a girl I know is no good for me. 

There isn't a whole lot of purity in music these days.  Everyone is out to get something whether its fame, money, drugs, free salad with their meal.  But this is music.  Real music.  If this was heroin, it would be straight out of the poppy smack.  You can't help but fall in love with something so innocent even if most of the people who in times past danced to it likely broke every social taboo.  They couldn't help themselves.  They heard what I heard. 

And someone gave up this record for a penny!  There are certainly records out there that I feel are worth even less than a penny (Air Supply, Barbara Streisand, ughhh... effin' Nickelback) but this certainly is not one.  Plus, its even autographed!  How sweet is that?  A great score for something that was bought as a way to justify $18 shipping charges.

Artist: Billie & De De and Their Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Title: Self Titled
Label: ???
Matrix: VPH/ VPS-3
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Rail Dynamics

My first apartment was sort of close to the railway.  It wasn't beside it or anything but when a train went by, there was a light rumble and I could certainly hear the train and the bells going off to warn people that trains are big and can hurt you.  It never bothered me.  I actually liked the sounds.

I had a friend who grew up in Chicago and her first apartment was slightly closer to their train system.  Every few minutes a noisy, dirty, rickety old train would shake her place so bad that I felt like it would possibly cause infertility if I were to stay there for any extended time. 

Whatever your thoughts are on trains, the railway system was (and still is) the backbone of North America.  Without it we would likely have never heard of places like Vancouver, San Francisco or East Moline, Illinois.  We would have never had hobos.  There would be a whole genre of blues music missing in our lives.  The harmonica would just be an annoying whistle of sorts.  Yes, the rail system is not just a means of transporting people and goods for sale.  It is part of the stitching of the North American quilt.

This record is simply recordings from various stops along the New York Central railway.  Its beautiful.  Not just for the sounds of locomotives, diesel engines and passing night trains but for the fact that someone appreciated the railway enough to want to let these sounds tell their own story.  They do not produce vinyl like this anymore... sounds for the sake of sounds

I picked this up at a junk shop for $2 and while listening to it my girlfriend mentioned that she found it soothing and relaxing.  Now normally trains screaming past you with their air horns blaring would be the last thing you would think of as relaxing but there is simplistic beauty in these steam powered notes.  Its almost as if you are transported back to an era when trains were still miraculous.  When every technological advancement was seen as wizardry and not just something Apple did to their phones. 

If I took anything away from listening to this record it was that I should simply listen more.  There is music all around us in everyday situations.  Not just birds or frogs chirping but even in industrial noise and massive cityscapes.  We sometimes just forget to listen for it.

Artist: Trains
Title: Rail Dynamics
Label: Cook
Matrix: 1270
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Weekly Mixtape #9

I am a strong believer in your surroundings dictate your moods and even your musical taste of the moment.  Today when I started compiling the songs I wanted to put on this week's installment of the Weird Wax Weekly Mixtape, it was sunny and bright.  I picked some rocking jams like "Stranded" from The Saints and "Maybellene" from Chuck Berry but as I continued the clouds rolled in and it became very gloomy and depressing outside and I noticed that my musical taste was changing into a more melancholy mood.  I started picking songs like "The Diamond Sea" from Sonic Youth and "Venus In Furs" from The Velvet Underground.  There are far more mellow tunes on this download than rockers so if you are feeling a bit blase and want to wallow in your own sad little mind, download this week's digital mixtape.  You'll find songs from the above bands as well as Hawkwind, The White Stripes, Puerto Rico Flowers, John Lee Hooker and more.  Download it HERE for free!


Limbo Party

This record was found at the same junk shop as the "Music For Hi-Fi Bugs" record reviewed a few spots down.  When I spotted it I knew two things.  It had a sweet cover where a woman was limbo-ing under fire & I can't limbo worth shit.  I am about as flexible as a block of mahogany.

The limbo originated in the Caribbean and was made ultra famous in the 1950's by a guy who was not built to limbo, Chubby Checker.  This album features the music of The Southern Tropical Harmony Steel Band.  I love the steel drum sound.  I don't think I could ever rock out to it everyday but in doses it makes me feel like I should be drinking some sort of umbrella drink in a banana hammock.

The liner notes on this album tells us a little about the origins of the limbo, steel drums and even how to construct a limbo pole.  Educational and funky!

I paid $2 for this record and even though the sleeve was a bit rough I think I scored a very cool record.  Its perfect for patio BBQs and for when you want to make a complete fool of yourself trying to bend your back and shimmy under a pole.

Artist: The Southern Tropical Harmony Steel Band
Title: Limbo Party
Label: Audio Fidelity
Matrix: AFLP 1967
Year: 1962
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3
Matrix: AFLP 1967

The Phillips Family- A Little Bit Country

This was a recent Value Village score.  I am a sucker for Christian family albums.  I don't know why.  I think maybe its because I know the kids were either forced or brainwashed into doing the album.  You can see it in their forced smiles.  Its hilarious.  Terrible family memories forever imprinted on vinyl and cardboard!

The Phillips dad looks proud as punch with his polyester suit (brown), polyester tie (brown) and more than likely polyester shoes (also brown)  His wife looks like she would rather be at home with a wine spritzer and the pool boy.  The eldest daughter isn't hideous.  She likely left the cover photo shoot to be with her boyfriend, Chet, who is the captain of the football team and will eventually go to prison for date raping a college freshman.  The youngest two daughters have a look on their faces saying that they believe this album will one day make them popular in school.  Sadly, it will not.

The musicianship on the album is actually pretty good.  Kimmy Phillips plays some of the drums and Cathy Phillips plays some of the banjo but that's it.  Session players fill the rest of the roster.  I have a few issues with some of the song choices.  The last song on the first side is called "You're The Best Christian"  Isn't that a little presumptuous?  And shouldn't Jesus be the judge of that?  Quite a sinful song if you ask me...  And another titled "He Was There All The Time" bothers me.  I didn't listen to side B so I am not sure what the song is about but I am guessing its about the family dog who went missing and turned up butchered in little Kimmy's closet weeks later.  Kimmy should really talk to a psychiatrist.  She certainly has some deep seeded problems.

All in all, a great investment for $1!!!

Artist: The Phillips Family
Title: A Little Bit Country
Label: Private Press
Matrix: HRS 1174
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Music For Hi-Fi Bugs

The family and I traveled this past weekend to visit my grandma for Mother's Day.  She lives in a tiny little town about 7 hours away and the drive is normally mind-numbingly boring.  The ride there was certainly no exception.  I guess I did buy some new sandals at a place on the way down so all was not entirely lost.

The trip home began early in the morning.  We had to go to my aunt's house for breakfast at some unholy early hour and then pack and leave.  I was not in the mood to be messed with.  We were about halfway through the journey home when I spotted an old cello in front of an old junk store.  I do not play cello.  I have never even held a cello.  But it was cool looking and being sold in a junk store.  I had to stop.

Upon further inspection, the cello was being sold in the right store as it was complete crap.  Weather-beaten, warped and useless, I felt I had wasted a stop that could have been better used to buy M&Ms at a gas station until I asked the owner if he had any vinyl kicking around.  His answer of "Oh... only about 5000" paralyzed me to the point in which I did not speak, only turn and quickly scurried into this magical junk shop with the shitty cello.

I only had about 10 minutes before my dad (My girlfriend, the baby and I were traveling with the parentals) would start to bitch so I knew I had to act quickly.  "Music For Hi-Fi Bugs" was sitting atop the very first pile I encountered.  I did not know, nor did I care what was on this record.  Any album with that title and with cover art this cool was a sure thing. 

It turned out to be a pretty solid jazz album.  The sleeve was in great shape and the vinyl was near mint.  I am not really sure why they figured bugs would dig jazz music or why they catered only to those with a Hi-Fi audio system but its still a cool album and certainly worth the $2 I paid for it.

I only grabbed 7 records in my 10 minutes to go along with a cool bobblehead piggy bank from the Bahamas but I will be taking a day trip back to this junk shop in the very near future.  It seemed to be unpicked and could hold a few grails in those dusty stacks.

Artist: Conducted and Arranged by Pete Rugulo
Title: Music For Hi-Fi Bugs
Label: EmArcy/ Mercury
Matrix: MG 36082
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Various Artists- Heavy Heads

With a quick glance of the cover art, you may surmise that this album is some sort of psychedelic sampler in the Nuggets vein (Nuggets was a famous garage/ psych compilation series)  This record is a sampler by various artists but its a blues record released by the seminal blues label, Chess Records.

If you are unfamiliar with Chess it was a label based in Chicago that introduced the world to Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry and Little Walter.  It was THE blues label of its time.  If you have time, check out Cadillac Records.  Its a great film starring Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Wright.  Wright plays Muddy Waters and is spot on.  Mos Def as Chuck Berry is also amazing.  It tells the story of a poor white kid who loves the blues and turns that passion into the most important blues label ever.  Oh yeah, Beyonce plays Etta James and isn't completely terrible.

This record features tracks from Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Little Milton, Washboard Sam and Bo Diddley.  I have always loved "I'm A Man" by Bo Diddley and "Diggin' My Potatoes" by Washboard Sam but every track on the record is an important chapter of not just blues history but also R & B and Rock n Roll.

I scored this gem (a mono version, DJ Promo copy, no less!!!) on ebay for $3.  There are a bunch of the stereo versions kicking around but a EX/NM mono version is a rarity.  Its almost worth the three bucks  for the great trippy cover art by Gume Nunez.  Definitely a keeper in the Weird Wax Archives.

Artist: Various
Title: Heavy Heads
Label: Chess
Matrix: LPS-1522
Year: 1967
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Weird Wax Weekly Digital Mixtape #8

This week's installment of the Weird Wax Weekly Mixtape features some of my favourite bands like The Beatles, The Mummies, Sleater-Kinney, The Third Bardo, Nobunny, Fungi Girls, Hank WIlliams and The Kinks.  Its a perfect download for cleaning the house, walking the dog, exercising or doing illicit narcotics.  You can download it for free, as always, HERE!  Tell your friends and fellow meth users!


Rick Nelson- A Long Vacation

Saturday mornings around the Weird Wax Mansion are for yard sales.  Me and the Mrs. bundle up the little one, plop her in her wagon and we all walk around town looking for treasures put up for sale by people who have decided it was time to part with said treasures.  Lately I have not seen many records at yard sales.  I have scored a few other great items like a BOSS DS-1 distortion pedal for $5 and an old paper cutter for $4.  Although I love finding things like this at a great price, all I really care about when I go to a yard sale is whether they have any old vinyl.

Today, I stumbled upon a sale where there were a few records.  Around 30.  I guess a few minutes earlier there was another vinyl vulture with some sort of price guide book who already pilfered the pile.  And if this wasn't bad enough, he put it in the yard sale guy's head that records are valuable and this led to him trying to muscle me when I wanted to buy the rest of the records at what I felt was more than a reasonable price.  PRICE GUIDE!  This guy did not love music or vinyl but was simply an ebay douche.

So instead of taking my offer for the rest of the box, I bought 8 records and left the rest of the vinyl to grow mold in his basement.

If Mr. Price Guide had any real knowledge of vinyl he would have noticed that there was this PRISTINE copy of "A Long Vacation" by Rick Nelson.  Rick, or Ricky, Nelson was born into a showbiz family and appeared as an 8 year old on his parents, Ozzie and Harriet's, comedy show.  By the age of 16 he was a famous singing idol in his own right.  Eight of his first singles sold a million copies each.

This record, which features songs like the Don Gibson standard, "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Unchained Melody" is one of his rarest LPs sometimes fetching as much as $100.  The opening title track is probably my favourite on the album.  A solid score for $1.50.  Screw Mr. Price Guide!

I will likely write about at least 2 more of this weekend's finds sometime soon.

Artist: Rick Nelson
Title: A Long Vacation
Label: Imperial
Matrix: LP-9244
Year: 1963
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


R.I.P. M.C.A.

You will be greatly missed.

Santa Esmeralda feat. Leroy Gomez- Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Hot Damn! Leroy Gomez is one sexy bastard! The tight pants.  The shirt with like one button done up.  The gold chain swaying back and forth across his very sparse chest hair.  This dude has it all.  Bitches be crawlin' all up on him.

Side A is a 16 minute latin dance cover of The Animals' "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"  Ricky Martin and Enrique Inglesias together on steriods and blow couldn't muster up enough machismo to be worthy of grooming Leroy's patchy beard.

 And please don't let Leroy be misunderstood.  He is a sex machine.  The three girls on the cover can hardly contain themselves.  They know when the photo shoot is over, they are in for a night of free coke and mediocre sex with some dude a record geek will make fun of in 30 years.  Nothing is going to stop them from a night of passion with a minor celebrity.

 Side B starts with a fantastically terrible cover of "Gloria."  I wonder if one of the party girls/ hookers on the cover was named Gloria???  Whatever the case, this is one awesome/ nauseating record!

I got this record for free.  I know.  You are all shocked.  How could something this sexy be free???  These are the types of record covers that you just don't see these days.  Glorious!  Leroy Gomez is my new hero!

Artist: Santa Esmeralda feat. Leroy Gomez
Title: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Label: Foreign Exchange
Matrix: FE 221040
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Les Indecents- Pedro Le Mexicain/ La Grosse Anna

This record grabbed my attention immediately when I came across it in a thrift store.  The band name, Les Indecents.  The song titles, Pedro Le Mexicain and La Grosse Anna.  Even the record label, Les Disques Nympho!  This HAD to be good.  Pedro is a catchy, jazzy sort of lounge track that is probably funny (I don't speak french) while Anna is a novelty country and western song about a fat girl named Anna.  There just aren't enough songs like this!  And as a sidenote, every Anna I know is a little on the heavy side.  They totally nailed it!

I can't find much information about this band.  I am sure they are from Quebec.  I found this record in the same pile as a bunch of other 60's-70's Quebecois bands like Les Classels and Les Gant Noir.  I know they released one LP and now the hunt is on to find it.  I simply NEEEED this album.

I am not sure what the value of this record would be.  Maybe like $5-10 but it has found a permanent home in the Weird Wax Archives.  A total score for 25 cents!

Artist: Les Indecents
Title: Pedro Le Mexicain/ La Grosse Anna
Label: Les Disques Nympho
Matrix: NP-12
Year: ???
Size: 7"
Speed: 45


Wizard- The Original

I have a few records that I must track down in my lifetime.  And although I doubt I will find them at a yard sale or thrift store, I refuse to spend a lot of money on them.  I am willing to part with a few bucks to obtain these holy grails of mine but there is no way I would pay hundreds of dollars for them.  This record was one of my grails.  And although I did pay a bit (around $50) it was well worth it.

Every collector has a few records on their list that they absolutely need.  I have been lucky enough to track down four "must-haves" in Value Villages, Salvation Army Stores and yard sales.  Reign Ghost, Blind Ravage, Warpig and Bent Wind are all worth LOTS of cash and I scored them for pennies...literally.  So there is always hope for the hard working digger.

This LP from Wizard did not disappoint.  Heavy fuzzed out psych from 1971.  This album is why vinyl will always beat any other format.  Deep bass riffs sound deep.  Sharp drum beats sound sharp.  This album had me playing air guitar like an idiot for the first couple of listens. A total score... even if I paid $50 bones for it. Give it a listen below!

Artist: Wizard
Title: The Original
Label: Peon
Matrix: P-1069
Year: 1971
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Weird Wax Podcast #7

So, I have been jamming out to a lot of late 60's- early 70's psych rock recently.  Bands like Bent Wind, Blue Cheer and Warpig are on heavy rotation.  Some of these records are my most valuable.  A solid copy of "Sussex" by Bent Wind can earn you a solid $3000-4000.  I recently added a NM/EX+ copy of Wizard- The Original on Peon Records (I will be talking about it very soon on this very blog) so I decided that I might try to throw down an all psych mixtape.  Download it for free HERE or click on the podcast button at the top.  In this installment of the weekly mixtape you will hear from the bands mentioned above as well as Captain Foam, Tangerine Zoo, The Growing Concern, Troyka and other early psych bands.  I also tossed in a few newer tracks from today's psych torch bearers like Black Mountain and Oneida.  Enjoy!


Jean Pierre Ferland- Les Grands Succes Barclay Vol. 5

Jean Pierre Ferland was born in 1932 in Montreal, Quebec.  He started his musical career at the CBC as a clerk but soon learned guitar and began his life as a crooner.  Now, I had never heard of JPF until buying this record at a flea market.  I presumed he was some sort of Leonard Cohen/ Jacques Brel type and I was pretty close. 

I am not a huge fan of this record but it does draw up certain emotions in me.  While listening to this double LP I feel like hanging out at a Montreal cafe, smoking (even though I don't smoke), drinking some sort of coffee-based drink I cannot pronounce while looking down my pretentious nose at passersby.  Listening to this album makes me feel snooty and superior to every human ever.  This record is a middle-age hipster masturbation soundtrack... if that middle-aged hipster bothered to masturbate.

I am not sure what this record is worth.  I haven't seen many around.  But others in the Barclay's series such as Brel, Robert Charlebois and Alain Berriere sell for around $15-25.  The series was quite popular and featured artists from Quebec and Europe. 

Artist: Jean Pierre Ferland
Title: Les Grands Succes Barclay
Label: Barclay
Matrix: M8-75005
Year: 1972
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Jim Sturgis- Sunrun

When I first found this record (for a measly 25 cents!) I figured it would likely be some sort of private press space folk album.  I really wasn't far off.  I would say its closer to some sort of intergalactic soft prog rock. Almost like if John Tesh did some acid.  When I first listened to it I felt like I was watching The Great Space Coaster but with a sprinkle of melancholy.  Picture an episode where one of the kids on the show had a close relative die.  And then by the end of the show, the kid realized that death was just a part of life and felt a whole lot better.

There isn't much information kicking around about Jim Sturgis or this LP for that matter.  It seems he autographed most of his records.  My copy was signed "To Sue. May all your dreams come true. All my love, Jim Sturgis" He may not have been the most talented recording artist in the world but he was certainly a sweetheart! I have seen a few of these kicking around over the years but its certainly a rare and collectible record with prices normally hovering around the $20-40 range.  Not retirement money but definitely worth more than the quarter I parted with to get my mitts on it.  A solid score.

Sidenote: I am going to be hitting up a big church sale this Thursday so be prepared for a slew of new reviews about terrible records.

Artist: Jim Sturgis
Title: Sunrun
Label: J.J.P. Records
Matrix: LB-17699
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


Weird Wax Podcast #6

Hey everyone.  This week's installment of our weekly digital mixtape is available for download HERE for free.  Numero Six in this series features Link Wray, Surfer Blood, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Vampire Weekend, Bare Wires and more.  Tell all your friends and if you don't have any friends, tell someone who looks like they have terrible taste in music.  This might save their life.  You can always download previous digital mixtapes in the podcasts link at the top of the page.



Babla & Kanchan- Kuchh Gadbad Hai

Ahhhh... Bollywood!  This entire genre  has been completely overlooked by those of us in the west. And for the most part, ignoring this genre has been a good thing.  That is not the case with this Indian monster.  This album is catchier than malaria in Calcutta.

Side A  has some pretty sweet instrumentation from Babla and his orchestra.  Not sure what types of synths they are using but these are some hot jams.  Side B starts out with "Tum Itna Na Piyo" which has a sequence where Kanchan sings a duet with what sounds like a Hindu chipmunk.  I love it.  The second track on the B-Side is even better.  It starts out with this funky dance jam but littered throughout the track are samples of elephants, cats, donkeys, lasers and laser donkeys.

This is a fairly sought after record that can sell for as high as $50.  I can see why.  Who wouldn't want to own this record!  I cannot recommend this LP enough.  On the scale of one to ten this album scores nine laser donkeys.

(You can almost see me snapping the pic of this record reflected in the shrink wrap... ooops)

Artist: Babla & Kanchan
Title: Kuchh Gadbad Hai
Label: Rohit
Matrix: STEREO-021
Year: 1984
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

Giak- Inside You

Nothing gets me hotter than Italian disco music from 1983.  This is common knowledge.  I am sure it is the same for most people.  This record here is some serious baby making music.  The title alone screams sexy! 

The cover art by James Fieramosca looks vaguely like a penis and/or vagina and/or creepy banana.  I'm not really sure.  But whatever the case, it totally fits the album.

I couldn't find out much information on this record other than the dude was from Italy and likely wore a gold chain, silk shirts and a poofy mullet.

When listening to this I felt like I was in some 80's movie montage where I was gearing up for the big fight scene.  My girlfriend thought it made her feel like she was also in some feminist power/ enlightenment montage.  No man was gonna hold her back!

I grabbed this record off of eBay for a solid 99 cents.  It seems to sell for anywhere around $20-40 on most sites so it was certainly a profitable score but I may have to keep this one in the collection for awhile simply for the raw animal sexuality it stirs up inside me...

(You see what I did there? Ended the review with a little play on the album title?  That is why when you need insightful and witty reviews on absolutely terrible records, you come here...)

Artist: Giak
Title: Inside You
Label: Tanga
Matrix: TL 001
Year: 1983
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


The Rockets- Rocket Rock/ Stardust

This is another 45 that seems to be a bit of a mystery.  I have searched high and low for information about it to no avail.  I can't even remember where I picked up this gem but I am sure I didn't pay much (or anything) for it.  I wish I could find some info on this band because this 7" is a total instrumental rockabilly classic.

"Rockets Rock" is a total ripper while the B-Side, "Stardust" is a little more subdued.  I am floored that the internet has nothing on this record.  I am sure its just a rare/ obscure record on a rare/ obscure label but songs this good seem to find a way onto sites like Waxidermy, Soul Strut and even Discogs.

Over the years, there have been many bands with the same name but it seems this incarnation of the band called The Rockets is a total enigma.  There have also been a few labels that are/ were called Saturn Records but none seem to be THIS Saturn Records.

If anyone has any information pertaining to this record, I would love to hear it.  Hopefully, I will be able to update this blurb in the near future and let everyone know a little more about a killer 45 that deserves more attention than it seems to have garnered since its release.

Artist: The Rockets
Title: Rockets Rock/ Stardust
Label: Saturn Records
Matrix: CT- 28078 (410-300)
Year: ?
Size: 7"
Speed: 45

Side note... This record was pressed in Canada.  "Rockets Rock" was written by Marcoux, Ducas & Boivin.  "Stardust" was written by Page, Lachaine, Vincent & Desalliers... if that helps anyone...

Update... It turns out this record was released by Les Rockets.  An earlier incarnation was Andre Marcoux and Les Rockets.  I still don't have any information on this particular record or the label but The Rockets did release an album in 1961 called "Going to the Dance Party"  I am thinking this record may be a private pressing on a label created by the band but I am far from certain.