Billy Walker: Sex Symbol

Aside from collecting terrible album covers, I am also somewhat of a cowboy shirt aficionado.  I own about a dozen vintage shirts and wear them all the time. I don't think I own a beauty like this though...

Just look at him... Looking all majestic/ creepy in his Freddie style neckerchief. The shirt gloriously yelling "Look at me, world. I am one sexy fucking cowboy and I am ready to  impregnate some farm girls!" And don't even get me started about those painted on trousers... SPLOOSH.

Even the horse looks like he is ready for the stud pasture. Just a man and his horse and his rose patterned blouse roaming around the desert, singing of lost loves, guns, guitars and outlaws. I imagine a lot of lonely nights, campfires, star filled skies with no company around for miles... just the horse... that muscular, well groomed horse. Yes, I am sure Mr. Walker and his trusty stallion were close friends.

I scored this record at an amazing junk shop in the small town of Bruce Mines, Ontario.  The owner, Mike, was a great guy who had some amazing records to go along with a jam packed warehouse of lost treasures. Check him out on facebook at Mae-Ger Treasures and if you are ever in the area, stop by and stay the hell away from the records... Those are mine...

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