Here's Scotland!!!

Hello from the land of whisky, bagpipes and more whisky!  I am here in Scotland for the next little while and since I don't have real life and other writing commitments to hold me back, this blog will be getting more attention that it has in the recent past. So far Scotland has been a treasure chest of terrible album covers.  There is a wonderfully ridiculous record store just minutes from where I am staying in Glasgow that basically specializes in album covers that amuse me. I could have walked out of there with dozens of gems that I would have gladly added to my ever-growing collection of hilarity but I had to pace myself... I am here for awhile. No need to go overboard in my first week...

This vinyl beauty featuring traditional Scottish tunes caught my eye basically because of the title "HERE'S SCOTLAND" and all it had on the cover was bottles of booze. I am not one to toss around stereotypes but if the Scots are willing to push that envelope, then who am I to complain. Yes... Here IS Scotland in all of its alcohol soaked glory. Wonderful folk songs like "The Ollaberry Two-step" and "An Eriskay Love Lilt" are perfect for an evening with friends and a stomach pumping at the local infirmary.

I have only been in Scotland for a few days but already I am seeing how pub culture and booze play a part in everyday life. Having a pint at lunch, a glass of wine at dinner and a bottle of whisky before bed is as common here as hockey, bacon and beavers are in Canada. I am not saying everyone in Scotland is an alcoholic... Some of us are tourists...

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