The Desert Sessions- Vol.1 & 2

The Desert Sessions are an ever evolving collaborative band headed by Kyuss/ Queens Of The Stone Age/ Eagles Of Death Metal honcho, Josh Homme.  He basically invites people he likes to his house for marathon recording sessions.  Former members have included the likes of PJ Harvey, Jack Black, Jesse Hughes and Pete Stahl.  This particular album was recorded in three days while everyone was messed up on mushrooms... seriously...

The Desert Sessions have some of the best stoner rock jams out there.  Many of the songs are totally improvised and have that steady psych beat that you can just zone out to.  The highlight of the album for me is the track, "Robotic Lunch"

I found this record at a garage sale of all places.  It turns out some idiot kid left a bunch of sweet records at his parent's house while he ran off to smoke weed with hippies in the forest or some shit.  Whatever the reason, his folks were more than happy to unload about 100 records for a solid price of $35!

Although I am a huge fan of Josh Homme's other work, I feel The Desert Sessions albums are not only his best work but his most creative and free flowing.  Because he isn't stuck with record execs or producers telling him to do this or that he is free to just play and the results are dirty, fuzzed out psych/ stoner masterpieces.  An amazing score for 35 cents!

Artist: The Desert Sessions
Title: Vol. 1 & 2
Label: Man's Ruin
Matrix: MR081
Year: 2008
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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