Rasa- Everything You See Is Me

In the past, I have reviewed a few records with "spiritual" tones and all that other hippie, Hare Krishna cheese.  This is another of those albums.  Although most of the tracks on this record are new age-ish and, apart from great production value, absolutely terrible, there is one killer jam.  The first song on side B, "Chanting," does not fall in line with the other tracks which are the equivalent of audio hepatitis.

As stated above, the production value is high on this album.  Everything sounds great... except the music.  I now know where those salmon robed, bald headed jerks who bother you on the streets of larger cities and in airports spend the money they beg from passersby.  Its spent on quality studio time... not on enlightenment or cruelty-free, lemon grass based energy smoothies.

I found this at a Value Village for a buck.  I grabbed it simply because in the liner notes they thanked George Harrison, Stevie Wonder and Neil Diamond for their contributions.  Unfortunately, it was likely in the financing of the record and certainly not in the songwriting.  Apart from "Chanting" which is a stone cold jam, this is about as entertaining as a dinner party with your tenth grade science teacher, your ex-girlfriend who couldn't understand what's great about Sonic Youth and a box of dirty towels.  Still, because of "Chanting" it was worth the dollar I spent.

Artist: Rasa
Title: Everything You See Is Me
Label: Govinda
Year: 1978
Matrix: RA 106
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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