Weekly Digital Mixtape #12

So, for this week I was planning a set full of angst, anger and rage to commemorate my recent break-up.  It was to be my "Girls Are Dumb" Edition but well... Circumstances and opportunities change quickly in this age of the interweb and I don't need to vent with this week's version of the Weird Wax Digital Mixtape.  This week is a week of optimism.  A week of living in the now.  A week in which I have chosen my absolute favourite pop songs.  Each song in this edition is, in my most humble opinion, a perfectly crafted Rock/Pop song.  These may not be my favourite songs of all time but they are songs I will continue to listen to over the next 50 years.  Fingers crossed on that one... I have a lot of things to do before I shed this mortal coil.

This week's mixtape features tracks from The Cars, The Beatles, Jay Reatard, The 13th Floor Elevators, Eric's Trip, Sloan, The Yardbirds, The One And Onlys, Simple Minds, Pavement and The Beach Boys.  Like I have said, these may not be my favourite songs.  These may not even be my favourite songs by each of these bands.  But each song is a reminder of how imaginative, creative and catchy something as simple as a standard three minute, radio friendly composition can truly be.  These songs, my friends, are the audio equivalent of a religious epiphany.  Enjoy...

You can download the week's mixtape HERE for free...

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