The Alexandrov Song And Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army

As many of my loyal readers already know, I am a huge fan of Eastern European Folk/ Regional music.  Ok... maybe not a fan but I definitely never walk past a record like this in a thrift store. 

This record, pressed on the Soviet label, Melodiya, sounds serious.  Like if I were to crack a smile while listening to it I may be shipped on the gulag to Siberia to live out my days in a 4 x 8 cell eating stale bread, a slop made from something resembling meat and oatmeal and any rats I could catch while dreaming of Dostoyefski serious.  Listening to this record reminds me of that scene in Rocky IV when Rocky and Drago are just about to fight in Russia and the Soviet anthem is blaring while Drago enters to the ring.  And that huge drapery thing with Drago painted on it rises from the floor to cover one entire side of the stadium.  Damn!  Rocky IV was sooooo good!  Best line... When Drago lays a beat down on Apollo Creed and in his Dolph Lundgren, "Screw You" voice he coldly says "If he dies, he dies."  BADASS!  Dolph's best line in any movie... ever!

So yeah... This record is perfect if you feel like making borscht, conforming or just want to train your bear to ride a bicycle.  A total score for 10 cents!

Artist: The Alexandrov Song And Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army
Title: ???
 Matrix: C-01235-6
Year: ???
Label: Melodiya
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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