Warpig- S/T

This is one of my favourite albums as well as one of my better record picking stories.  Warpig was formed in 1968 and toured the Ontario, Canada club circuit before being signed to independent label, Fonthill.  This, their only album, was released on Fonthill in 1970 and re-issued on London in 1973 and again in 2006/ 2010 on Relapse/ Kreation.

The copy shown is my playing copy.  It is the London pressing from 1973.  I scored this one at a Value Village for $1.49.  It consistently sells on eBay/ Discogs/ etc. for a few hundred dollars.  I use this as my listening copy because it is probably in the worst shape.  Over the years, I have accumulated numerous copies.  I have found 4 copies of this pressing and have yet to spend more than $2 for any of them.  I also found THREE SEALED COPIES of the original Fonthill pressing in a thrift store at the same time for $1 each.  Those can fetch as high as $700-1000 each!  I sold one to a friend for $50... just sharing in my good luck... but have held onto the other two for a rainy day.  And I even bought one of the Kreation re-issues simply because the vinyl was really cool.  Its like a cloudy, trippy white/blue vinyl.  I have even come across a few copies of their 45 for the song "Rockstar" a few times!

The reason I love this record isn't simply because I have bought about $5000 worth of their records for about $20 total.  Its because this album KILLS.  Amazing early psych/ metal.  You need to get a copy of this record... and if you can't afford to buy an early pressing, grab one of the latest re-issues.  Well worth the cash. 

Stats... (Original Pressing)
Artist: Warpig
Title: S/T
Year: 1970
Label: Fonthill
Matrix: F 103
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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  1. Right on, the vinyl godz were smiling on you the day you found 3 sealed originals! Incredible. If it gets rainy, give me shout, I'd be interested in one.