Marianne Faithfull- Broken English

Marianne Faithfull will always be known for her time with The Rolling Stones.  She was in a relationship with Mick Jagger from 1966-1970 and was the inspiration for a few of their songs.  She once said that her plan was to get a Rolling Stone as a boyfriend so she slept with three of them and decided Mick was the best.  Imagine some little hottie, groupie, hanger-on saying that today?  Awesome...

This album was sort of a comeback for Marianne.  After years of addiction (coke/ heroin/ whatever she could get her mitts on...) she released "Broken English" to some highly critical acclaim.  It was also the album where her voice was noticeably more haggard from the drugs/ smoking.  Gone was the "As Tears Go By" angelic tone.  Her "new" voice is/ was much more punk/ bluesy.  Although she would continue to be a junkie for a few more years, this record seems to be the turning point in her life where she decided to make a change.

But no one wants to hear about the record... Let's talk about her train wreck early years!  When the cops raided Keith Richards' place on drug suspicions, they found the young Ms. Faithfull all screwed up wearing only a fur rug!  In the mid 80's while still strung out on heroin she fell and broke her jaw!  In 1971, producer Mike Leander found her living on the street... she had lost custody of her son earlier that year after she broke up with Mick.  She also lived in a squat in Chelsea with one time boyfriend, Ben Brierly (Lead Singer of the punk band, The Vibrators)  Dude... this woman lived HARD!

The feel good part of this story is that Marianne cleaned up her shit and went on to record many albums and act in many movies.  She beat breast cancer and is still fighting Hepatitis C.  She is/ was very enigmatic and has certainly had one of the more interesting careers in music.  LOVE Marianne Faithfull... Oh yeah... and I got this record for free.  Score!

Artist: Marianne Faithfull
Title: Broken English
Label: Island
Year: 1979
Matrix: M1
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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