Back In The Good Old Days...

"Lady and the Champ" is a Scottish stand-up album from Hector Nicol. Although I am not familiar with his comedy stylings, the guy sure knows how to grab my attention with his cover art.

Sporting a beauty of a fake black eye and a drunken smile, Mr. Nicol looks to be in the mood for some violent lovin'. He is wearing well worn boxing gloves and I can imagine him saying, in his best Andy Capp impersonation, that his wife (who looks exactly like Mr. Nicol in terrifying drag) is about to get it... And by it, I mean beaten like egg whites.

His wife, whose expression is one of "Nooooo, not again... You're so menacing" sarcasrm, looks like she has been through this drunken tableau before... Possibly daily... Her truck stop waitress uniform is likely stained with years of tears and gravy but you can tell she is no pushover.

I am not condoning spousal abuse. I think its a plague that needs to be eliminated from modern culture.  I AM condoning hilarious album covers that insinuate such horrific violence.  When collecting bad record covers, you need to have a broad sense of humour and overlook past social norms that today are seen as archaic and barbaric (but still funny... REALLLLLLLY funny)

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