I need to go to Castlemilk...

While out wandering the streets of Glasgow yesterday, I came across a wonderful little charity shop called The Brittannia Panopticon Music Hall.  As far as junk shops go, this is the best one I've seen so far in Scotland.  They had everything. Toys, books, vintage clothing and a solid collection of bad album covers.  The prices were a tad high for my liking so I just grabbed a few Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons postcards.  6 for 2 quid.

As I was paying, I began to chat with the older woman behind the counter.  I told her that I loved her store and we began talking about music.  I mentioned this blog you are reading now and as soon as she heard that I collect terrible album covers, she scurried in the basement, left me alone in her store with other customers (who decided that it was my job to help them find what they were looking for) and didn't come back for like 5 minutes.  Normally, I would have left but something told me she was digging for gold in that cellar.

She returned wearing a "Behold... I have brought to you the greatest ridiculous record cover in all of Scotland" smile.  As I looked on in a state of euphoria/ disbelief, the magnitude of such a record sleeve began to sink in. I tried to make sense of everything that was happening not just on the sleeve but in my mind. So politically incorrect.  So classist. Almost racist. It was in a word... GLORIOUS.

"The Peg Legged Kiltie Coalman From Castlemilk" is a 7" masterpiece from Billy Gordon and the Sunset Trio. Part cabaret singer/ part comedy, this record is now a centerpiece of my ever growing, bad album art collection. I am not sure I will find another trophy such as this in my Scotish vinyl safari but scoring this record has already made my UK hunt a success. 

A big thank you goes out to the lovely lady at The Brittannia Panopticon Music Hall for not just finding this record for me... but for giving it to me for FREE!!! Score!!!

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