Music To Renovate Your Kitchen To...

Soft Cell will always and forever be known as "That Tainted Love Band" and rightly so. That song is amazing and if you think otherwise, you are a moron and should be put to sleep. Like so many other one hit wonders, they fell into obscurity and most of their other albums/ singles have found their way in dollar bins across the globe.

This 12" single featuring less known "hits" Bedsitter and Facility Girls has an ummmm... interesting cover. Both band members are wearing what I am sure was high fashion at the time staring off into the nothingness of their existence as they ponder kitchen utensils and crockery.  When they were thinking of album art when did the idea to hang knives, spatulas, spoons and saucepans come into play?  "So yeah dude... I was snorting lines as big as baby arms with Warhol and Debbie Harry last night when I had this idea... Wait for it... Frying pans... Just let that sink in... And not just frying pans... All sorts of shit from the kitchen... A meat cleaver... Maybe some pots... A couple spoons... A big knife and shit...  I know, right... Your mind is blown...Totally fucking genius!!! "

These are the things I wonder about. I think about what could other people possibly be thinking when they allow themselves to be photographed in such a manner. Did they know that the future was eventually going to be a reality and that they would have friends and family look back on this event and have unlimited material in which to humiliate them? I am glad they never thought that far ahead... LOVE THIS COVER!!!

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