Fashion Panther

Every once in awhile there is a man. A man of discerning taste whose sense of fashion makes whatever everyone else is wearing irrelevant. He makes us feel like hobos who have not changed our boxer shorts for a month. This man, certainly the type of man of whom Ray Davies once sang about as a dedicated man of fashion, looks so fucking good he is basically Zeus personified. This man, ladies and germs, is Mr. Abie.

The glasses... He was Thurston Moore before Thurston Moore. The hair... Fuck you, Tom Jones. This is the proper way to style your mane of luxurious spun silver. The suit... The trimming says "Yeah, I likely boned your mom" while the 747 wing sized lapels say "Screw you kid... You wish I was your dad."  I am not even going into the bow tie. I mean honestly... what can I say about something so perfect, so immaculate that I am sure if Jesus ever came back to Earth, he would wear this and only this...

Mr. Abie was a popular radio host in the 1970's who died of throat cancer completely broke.  An interesting bit of trivia... Recently, his two sons killed a man they had mistakenly thought hit their mother... She just fell and cut her cheek. Honest mistake...

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