I have been giving some thought on what to say about such a 'revealing' album cover.  I could start with the obvious and talk about her rocking boobs.  I could even go he high road and discuss the objectification of women in the vinyl collecting world.  But I think I will simply start with the fact that this album cover could NEVER happen today.  The self righteous, Wal-Mart shopping, puritanical Christian crowd would absolutely lose their collective shit. 

We seem to think we have progessed as a species.  We think we are better people than we were just 50 years ago. And in many ways, we are.  Racism is no longer socially acceptable.  Women are making great strides in the work place.  Gay rights have become a top issue.  But the one place where we seem to have regressed is in the realm of free thought and artistic acceptance.  I am by no means saying that this is a great piece of art.  It isn't.  Its simply a crude and crass comedy album that time has long forgotten. The point I am making is that 40 years ago, this type of album cover was accepted.  Today the pitchforks would be out and Billy Devroe (The Comedian) would be lambasted on every 24 hours news/ entertainment channel from here to Beijing.

I am not sure how I got into a rant about artistic freedom from looking at some woman (who is likely in her late 60's/ early 70's by now) who was photographed for a raunch comedy album decades ago but whatever... I did. Listening to music or looking at films today fills me with a sense of disgust.  The art world used to be full of rebellion and change.  Now its a vat of homogenized horse shit.  Our kids are force fed the Rihannas and Lady Gagas of the world and cannot see that they are being duped.  These are not role models.  These are high controlled commodities who are told what to wear, what to say and when to shit.  They are robot hookers who do what they are told for cash. 

Dude... I really wanted to make this post funny.  I wanted to talk about how her husband today probably puts this cover in front of her all the time and asks why she doesn't look like THAT anymore.  I wanted to make fun of the album title by saying instead of 'She Gives Trade Stamps' it should read 'She Has Tramp Stamps' or something like that... I dunno... I really did have some top notch humour set out for this but I woke up grumpy.  Friggin' rain!!! 

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