Jay's Favourite Band

Yes... This is certainly an album cover that fits the bill as a "bad" album cover.  But in 1984 when Morris Day and The "Muthafuckin'" Time (A shout out to Jay of Clerks, Mallrats, and other Kevin Smith movies fame) released this monster, they were some bad ass purveyors of funk.  They may look ridiculous in hindsight but these dance demons from Minneapolis were the shit back in the day.

Back in late 1980, Prince (yeah... THAT Prince) decided to form a band to serve as an outlet for material that was reminiscent of his early tracks so he could focus more on experimenting with new genres and symbol based names.  The Time was this band.  Prince may have held their hand at the beginning but with Morris Day, Jellybean Johnson, Jimmy Jam and the likes recruited, The Time soon became a solid funk army in no time. 

Most people remember them from the movie,"Purple Rain" and their catchy as hepatitis track, "Jungle Love."  Or well... most people don't actually remember them at all but if you do remember them, chances are its from either of these two things...

Now on to the suits/ hair... I will never say a bad word about Morris Day.  That pimp had style.  More arrogant than a three term Republican senator, Morris Day could pull off any suit.  The rest of the band, well, that is another story all together.  Look at the Jheri curled dude in the pink suit!  Seriously... Dude... White boots?  Who the hell do you think you are? Dale Evans? And the little white kid with his orange pin striped Zoot Suit!  Go back to grade 10 and study your chemistry.  You have a test next Wednesday!

"Ice Cream Castle" may have you laughing at the fashion of the day and possibly convince you to never give it a chance musically but this album is a stone cold jam.  Cover to cover.  What time is it?  A quarter past FUNK!

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