I need to grow a killer moustache...

Growing up, I was always surrounded by moustaches.  It was the late 70's and everyone wore a cookie duster.  It was a right of passage for most young boys entering manhood.  And the thicker, more lush the lip weasel, the more likely you were to succeed in life, as well as with the ladies.  Moustaches were simply THE TITS!

But somewhere along the line the dirt squirrel fell out of favour with men and certainly with females.  In the 80's, the preppy look took over and flavour savers became a facial fashion faux pas.  Moustaches were viewed as things pedophiles and porn stars wore.  It was a sad day to be one who rocked a womb broom.

But in the new millenium staches have made somewhat of a comeback.  Movember is fast becoming a huge deal in countries like Canada, Australia and the UK.  Gone are the days when mothers would shelter their children whenever they saw a lip rug.  They had once again become fashionable... or at least socially acceptable.

This record, from 1980 (the salad days of face furniture), displays some incredible Kentucky lip cozies.  Look at that mandolin guy??? Freddy Fender has nothing on that lush lip toupee.  And the banjo player??? He looks like he could strain a pint of milk out of that beauty!

I haven't even listened to this record but I know I would love it.  Three staches, a goatee and one sad little dude without a trace of face fungus could not make a bad album.  Its basically impossible. The album is called "For Our Friends" and by the looks of all their pals in the background, I can assess that they surrounded themselves with fellow misplaced eyebrow aficionados because they realized the awesome power staches hold.  A smart career move on their part.  I salute you, Dixie Flyers, for reminding me of the good old days when lip spinach was almost a necessity if you wanted to get laid! 

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