I needed this today...

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain and an air of melancholy.  I wasn't feeling my old confident self.  There were particles of self doubt floating in the ether.  I am not sure what happened between when the sandman put me under his spell and the rooster cock-a-doodled but I just wasn't myself this morning.

Luckily, my aunt gave me a box of records she purchased at a garage sale for a paltry $2.  As I flipped though them, disdainfully viewing the many Ray Conniff and Mitch Miller albums, I came across this gem.  Immediately I recognized it as a sign of changing winds.  Just the sight of the cover began filling me with that spark that was missing from my morning coffee.  "Music for Courage and Confidence."  I could not believe my good fortune!

Needless to say, this album delivered on its bold title.  After a quick listen I was ready to take on the world.  No longer would the all encompassing gloom of my morning stop me from becoming the hero of the day.  I was going to paint that painting.  I was going to climb that mountain.  I am going to flirt with that girl who barely knows I am alive.  Rejection better just back the fuck off today or he will become a victim of my upbeat wrath. 

I feel like going outside and telling the sunshine that it better get its ass back here or shit is going to go down.  The thunderstorm that is rolling through already looks frightened by my over the top optimism.  Thanks, Aunt Cathy for saving me from my own misguided yet very real bout of the Mondays (even though its Thursday).  I love you.

Post Script... I may be losing it... Thoughts???

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