How pathetic...

As I was flipping through some new record purchases I saw this beauty.  I had forgotten I had even bought it.  It was unearthed at a garage sale in an old shed that smelled of dust and junk obsession.  It was loaded with moldy records and knick knacks of compulsions past.

I bought this particular record because the cover art is so heartbreaking and pathetic.  It features a guy on a park bench who was probably just minding his own business and thinking about how to get back at that two-timing, beehived bitch of an ex-girlfriend.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the ex strolls past him with THE GUY!  That asshole guy he sorta knew from his ex's work.  So instead of just getting up to leave, our hero just hangs his head and boo hoos like the broken man he has become.

The girl, who thinks she's all that with her green skirt and her dumb face, looks sadly over at the man she destroyed with an expression of sickening pity mixed with a dash of "God... He's such a loser."  She has no idea what she has done to this guy.  He loved her.  He truly did.

The new guy's face is hidden but I imagine he is saying, "Come on babe... You don't need to see this shit."  He too has no clue as to the damage he helped create.  He is simply trying to get her out of there before she has second thoughts or at least before she backs out of the previously mentioned bout of sweaty fornicating.

Yes... This album cover tells an entire story.  It may seem sad to the average record collector/ blogger but I am not your average record collector/ blogger.  I know what happens after this tableau ends.  The love sick protagonist of this story goes home to collect his thoughts.  He looks in a mirror and gains strength from his agony.  Then he goes out, buys a chainsaw and kills them both in a brutal act of vengeance.  Good for him... Good for him...

Post Script... This record is actually worth a decent chunk of change.  Got it for free and have seen it on ebay for as much as $120!!! Score!!!

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