Babla & Kanchan- Kuchh Gadbad Hai

Ahhhh... Bollywood!  This entire genre  has been completely overlooked by those of us in the west. And for the most part, ignoring this genre has been a good thing.  That is not the case with this Indian monster.  This album is catchier than malaria in Calcutta.

Side A  has some pretty sweet instrumentation from Babla and his orchestra.  Not sure what types of synths they are using but these are some hot jams.  Side B starts out with "Tum Itna Na Piyo" which has a sequence where Kanchan sings a duet with what sounds like a Hindu chipmunk.  I love it.  The second track on the B-Side is even better.  It starts out with this funky dance jam but littered throughout the track are samples of elephants, cats, donkeys, lasers and laser donkeys.

This is a fairly sought after record that can sell for as high as $50.  I can see why.  Who wouldn't want to own this record!  I cannot recommend this LP enough.  On the scale of one to ten this album scores nine laser donkeys.

(You can almost see me snapping the pic of this record reflected in the shrink wrap... ooops)

Artist: Babla & Kanchan
Title: Kuchh Gadbad Hai
Label: Rohit
Matrix: STEREO-021
Year: 1984
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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