Jean Pierre Ferland- Les Grands Succes Barclay Vol. 5

Jean Pierre Ferland was born in 1932 in Montreal, Quebec.  He started his musical career at the CBC as a clerk but soon learned guitar and began his life as a crooner.  Now, I had never heard of JPF until buying this record at a flea market.  I presumed he was some sort of Leonard Cohen/ Jacques Brel type and I was pretty close. 

I am not a huge fan of this record but it does draw up certain emotions in me.  While listening to this double LP I feel like hanging out at a Montreal cafe, smoking (even though I don't smoke), drinking some sort of coffee-based drink I cannot pronounce while looking down my pretentious nose at passersby.  Listening to this album makes me feel snooty and superior to every human ever.  This record is a middle-age hipster masturbation soundtrack... if that middle-aged hipster bothered to masturbate.

I am not sure what this record is worth.  I haven't seen many around.  But others in the Barclay's series such as Brel, Robert Charlebois and Alain Berriere sell for around $15-25.  The series was quite popular and featured artists from Quebec and Europe. 

Artist: Jean Pierre Ferland
Title: Les Grands Succes Barclay
Label: Barclay
Matrix: M8-75005
Year: 1972
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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