Jim Sturgis- Sunrun

When I first found this record (for a measly 25 cents!) I figured it would likely be some sort of private press space folk album.  I really wasn't far off.  I would say its closer to some sort of intergalactic soft prog rock. Almost like if John Tesh did some acid.  When I first listened to it I felt like I was watching The Great Space Coaster but with a sprinkle of melancholy.  Picture an episode where one of the kids on the show had a close relative die.  And then by the end of the show, the kid realized that death was just a part of life and felt a whole lot better.

There isn't much information kicking around about Jim Sturgis or this LP for that matter.  It seems he autographed most of his records.  My copy was signed "To Sue. May all your dreams come true. All my love, Jim Sturgis" He may not have been the most talented recording artist in the world but he was certainly a sweetheart! I have seen a few of these kicking around over the years but its certainly a rare and collectible record with prices normally hovering around the $20-40 range.  Not retirement money but definitely worth more than the quarter I parted with to get my mitts on it.  A solid score.

Sidenote: I am going to be hitting up a big church sale this Thursday so be prepared for a slew of new reviews about terrible records.

Artist: Jim Sturgis
Title: Sunrun
Label: J.J.P. Records
Matrix: LB-17699
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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