Wizard- The Original

I have a few records that I must track down in my lifetime.  And although I doubt I will find them at a yard sale or thrift store, I refuse to spend a lot of money on them.  I am willing to part with a few bucks to obtain these holy grails of mine but there is no way I would pay hundreds of dollars for them.  This record was one of my grails.  And although I did pay a bit (around $50) it was well worth it.

Every collector has a few records on their list that they absolutely need.  I have been lucky enough to track down four "must-haves" in Value Villages, Salvation Army Stores and yard sales.  Reign Ghost, Blind Ravage, Warpig and Bent Wind are all worth LOTS of cash and I scored them for pennies...literally.  So there is always hope for the hard working digger.

This LP from Wizard did not disappoint.  Heavy fuzzed out psych from 1971.  This album is why vinyl will always beat any other format.  Deep bass riffs sound deep.  Sharp drum beats sound sharp.  This album had me playing air guitar like an idiot for the first couple of listens. A total score... even if I paid $50 bones for it. Give it a listen below!

Artist: Wizard
Title: The Original
Label: Peon
Matrix: P-1069
Year: 1971
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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  1. Excellent album. I snagged one of the reissue of 300, it's either #1 or #7, looks more like a 7 to me. Solid tunes all the way through.