Weird Wax Podcast #7

So, I have been jamming out to a lot of late 60's- early 70's psych rock recently.  Bands like Bent Wind, Blue Cheer and Warpig are on heavy rotation.  Some of these records are my most valuable.  A solid copy of "Sussex" by Bent Wind can earn you a solid $3000-4000.  I recently added a NM/EX+ copy of Wizard- The Original on Peon Records (I will be talking about it very soon on this very blog) so I decided that I might try to throw down an all psych mixtape.  Download it for free HERE or click on the podcast button at the top.  In this installment of the weekly mixtape you will hear from the bands mentioned above as well as Captain Foam, Tangerine Zoo, The Growing Concern, Troyka and other early psych bands.  I also tossed in a few newer tracks from today's psych torch bearers like Black Mountain and Oneida.  Enjoy!

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