Bill Martin- Concerto For Headphones And Contra/ Buffoon In Asia Minor

I guess this is supposed to be a comedy album.  I am not quite sure.  I mean it is funny but its definitely not your standard stand-up album.  Its far weirder.  This might have something to do with the producer of the album, Harry Nilsson.

I bought this on eBay for a penny (I think... not more than 50 cents, for sure) and although I am not entirely sure what I am listening to, I like listening to it.  The skits that are performed on the LP are interesting but the background noise/ music really holds my attention.  Most comedy albums are not this well produced.  Nilsson's use of sound layers make this album not just a comedy album but a justifiable piece of art.

Listening to an album like this really brings Nilsson's genius to the forefront.  Yes, he was a great song writer.  Yes, he was a brilliant singer.  And yes, him and John Lennon used to do a lot of acid together.  But being able to steal the spotlight on a comedy album he neither wrote or performed on shows that his arrangements and ability to make the mundane beautiful was his true gift. 

If you have never watched it, check out the documentary, "Who Is Harry Nilsson?"  Its on Netflix, if you have a subscription.  Its a great movie about the best known musical artist you barely know anything about.

My apologies to Bill Martin for barely mentioning him in this little blurb about HIS album.  Bill, if you wanted me to talk more about you, you should have had some homeless, transvestite crackhead produce for you. 

Artist: Bill Martin
Title: Concerto For Headphones and Contra/ Buffoon In Asia Minor
Label: Warner Brothers
Matrix: 1856
Year: 1970
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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