Santa Esmeralda feat. Leroy Gomez- Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Hot Damn! Leroy Gomez is one sexy bastard! The tight pants.  The shirt with like one button done up.  The gold chain swaying back and forth across his very sparse chest hair.  This dude has it all.  Bitches be crawlin' all up on him.

Side A is a 16 minute latin dance cover of The Animals' "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"  Ricky Martin and Enrique Inglesias together on steriods and blow couldn't muster up enough machismo to be worthy of grooming Leroy's patchy beard.

 And please don't let Leroy be misunderstood.  He is a sex machine.  The three girls on the cover can hardly contain themselves.  They know when the photo shoot is over, they are in for a night of free coke and mediocre sex with some dude a record geek will make fun of in 30 years.  Nothing is going to stop them from a night of passion with a minor celebrity.

 Side B starts with a fantastically terrible cover of "Gloria."  I wonder if one of the party girls/ hookers on the cover was named Gloria???  Whatever the case, this is one awesome/ nauseating record!

I got this record for free.  I know.  You are all shocked.  How could something this sexy be free???  These are the types of record covers that you just don't see these days.  Glorious!  Leroy Gomez is my new hero!

Artist: Santa Esmeralda feat. Leroy Gomez
Title: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Label: Foreign Exchange
Matrix: FE 221040
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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