Various Artists- Heavy Heads

With a quick glance of the cover art, you may surmise that this album is some sort of psychedelic sampler in the Nuggets vein (Nuggets was a famous garage/ psych compilation series)  This record is a sampler by various artists but its a blues record released by the seminal blues label, Chess Records.

If you are unfamiliar with Chess it was a label based in Chicago that introduced the world to Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry and Little Walter.  It was THE blues label of its time.  If you have time, check out Cadillac Records.  Its a great film starring Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Wright.  Wright plays Muddy Waters and is spot on.  Mos Def as Chuck Berry is also amazing.  It tells the story of a poor white kid who loves the blues and turns that passion into the most important blues label ever.  Oh yeah, Beyonce plays Etta James and isn't completely terrible.

This record features tracks from Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Little Milton, Washboard Sam and Bo Diddley.  I have always loved "I'm A Man" by Bo Diddley and "Diggin' My Potatoes" by Washboard Sam but every track on the record is an important chapter of not just blues history but also R & B and Rock n Roll.

I scored this gem (a mono version, DJ Promo copy, no less!!!) on ebay for $3.  There are a bunch of the stereo versions kicking around but a EX/NM mono version is a rarity.  Its almost worth the three bucks  for the great trippy cover art by Gume Nunez.  Definitely a keeper in the Weird Wax Archives.

Artist: Various
Title: Heavy Heads
Label: Chess
Matrix: LPS-1522
Year: 1967
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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