The Phillips Family- A Little Bit Country

This was a recent Value Village score.  I am a sucker for Christian family albums.  I don't know why.  I think maybe its because I know the kids were either forced or brainwashed into doing the album.  You can see it in their forced smiles.  Its hilarious.  Terrible family memories forever imprinted on vinyl and cardboard!

The Phillips dad looks proud as punch with his polyester suit (brown), polyester tie (brown) and more than likely polyester shoes (also brown)  His wife looks like she would rather be at home with a wine spritzer and the pool boy.  The eldest daughter isn't hideous.  She likely left the cover photo shoot to be with her boyfriend, Chet, who is the captain of the football team and will eventually go to prison for date raping a college freshman.  The youngest two daughters have a look on their faces saying that they believe this album will one day make them popular in school.  Sadly, it will not.

The musicianship on the album is actually pretty good.  Kimmy Phillips plays some of the drums and Cathy Phillips plays some of the banjo but that's it.  Session players fill the rest of the roster.  I have a few issues with some of the song choices.  The last song on the first side is called "You're The Best Christian"  Isn't that a little presumptuous?  And shouldn't Jesus be the judge of that?  Quite a sinful song if you ask me...  And another titled "He Was There All The Time" bothers me.  I didn't listen to side B so I am not sure what the song is about but I am guessing its about the family dog who went missing and turned up butchered in little Kimmy's closet weeks later.  Kimmy should really talk to a psychiatrist.  She certainly has some deep seeded problems.

All in all, a great investment for $1!!!

Artist: The Phillips Family
Title: A Little Bit Country
Label: Private Press
Matrix: HRS 1174
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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