Weekly Mixtape #9

I am a strong believer in your surroundings dictate your moods and even your musical taste of the moment.  Today when I started compiling the songs I wanted to put on this week's installment of the Weird Wax Weekly Mixtape, it was sunny and bright.  I picked some rocking jams like "Stranded" from The Saints and "Maybellene" from Chuck Berry but as I continued the clouds rolled in and it became very gloomy and depressing outside and I noticed that my musical taste was changing into a more melancholy mood.  I started picking songs like "The Diamond Sea" from Sonic Youth and "Venus In Furs" from The Velvet Underground.  There are far more mellow tunes on this download than rockers so if you are feeling a bit blase and want to wallow in your own sad little mind, download this week's digital mixtape.  You'll find songs from the above bands as well as Hawkwind, The White Stripes, Puerto Rico Flowers, John Lee Hooker and more.  Download it HERE for free!

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