Les Sultans- 21 Disques D'or

Bruce et Les Sultans were part of the early-mid 1960's folk/ garage scene in Quebec.  While North America was in the midst of the British Invasion, small town Quebec was booming with great bands who not only covered the songs coming out of the UK but also writing some of their own that rivaled those of The Stones, The Beatles, Herman's Hermits and The Dave Clark Five. Les Sultans continued to make records into the 1970's and changed their style to a softer sound

This is a great album of mostly cover songs from artists a little less rock and a little more folk/ pop like James Taylor and Neil Diamond.  Although this is certainly not my favourite genre, I still respect a well crafted pop tune and those guys wrote some monsters.  Bruce has a great voice and does justice to every track on the record. 

I had been looking for this record in particular for awhile.  I had a few Les Sultans 45's and loved them so I really wanted an LP.  I got this in a huge pile (400 or so) of records that a friend dropped off for free.  Most of the records were your standard rock fare but I was super stoked to find this one in the mix.  Its not overly valuable (maybe $20-30) but its a record I had wanted to a long time and am glad I came across a copy that was so clean... for FREE!!!  A very solid score.

Artist: Les Sultans
Title: 21 Disques D'or
Label: Les Archives du Disques Quebecois
Matrix: AQ 21002
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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