Les Indecents- Pedro Le Mexicain/ La Grosse Anna

This record grabbed my attention immediately when I came across it in a thrift store.  The band name, Les Indecents.  The song titles, Pedro Le Mexicain and La Grosse Anna.  Even the record label, Les Disques Nympho!  This HAD to be good.  Pedro is a catchy, jazzy sort of lounge track that is probably funny (I don't speak french) while Anna is a novelty country and western song about a fat girl named Anna.  There just aren't enough songs like this!  And as a sidenote, every Anna I know is a little on the heavy side.  They totally nailed it!

I can't find much information about this band.  I am sure they are from Quebec.  I found this record in the same pile as a bunch of other 60's-70's Quebecois bands like Les Classels and Les Gant Noir.  I know they released one LP and now the hunt is on to find it.  I simply NEEEED this album.

I am not sure what the value of this record would be.  Maybe like $5-10 but it has found a permanent home in the Weird Wax Archives.  A total score for 25 cents!

Artist: Les Indecents
Title: Pedro Le Mexicain/ La Grosse Anna
Label: Les Disques Nympho
Matrix: NP-12
Year: ???
Size: 7"
Speed: 45

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