Limbo Party

This record was found at the same junk shop as the "Music For Hi-Fi Bugs" record reviewed a few spots down.  When I spotted it I knew two things.  It had a sweet cover where a woman was limbo-ing under fire & I can't limbo worth shit.  I am about as flexible as a block of mahogany.

The limbo originated in the Caribbean and was made ultra famous in the 1950's by a guy who was not built to limbo, Chubby Checker.  This album features the music of The Southern Tropical Harmony Steel Band.  I love the steel drum sound.  I don't think I could ever rock out to it everyday but in doses it makes me feel like I should be drinking some sort of umbrella drink in a banana hammock.

The liner notes on this album tells us a little about the origins of the limbo, steel drums and even how to construct a limbo pole.  Educational and funky!

I paid $2 for this record and even though the sleeve was a bit rough I think I scored a very cool record.  Its perfect for patio BBQs and for when you want to make a complete fool of yourself trying to bend your back and shimmy under a pole.

Artist: The Southern Tropical Harmony Steel Band
Title: Limbo Party
Label: Audio Fidelity
Matrix: AFLP 1967
Year: 1962
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3
Matrix: AFLP 1967

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