Lightning Hopkins- A Legend In His Own Time

Sam John (Lightnin') Hopkins was born in Centerville, Texas on March 15, 1912.  He grew up with music but really developed a love for the blues when he met Blind Lemon Jefferson at a church picnic at the age of 8.  He grew up to be one of the most influential and loved blues guitarists of all time.  Rolling Stone magazine listed him as number 71 in their list of The Top 100 Guitarists of All Time.  I for one, think he should have been at least in the top 20.

There is something about these raw blues sounds that I love.  Although I am a big blues fan, I am picky.  I don't love full band blues like I love a guy, his guitar and a rough voice talking about hardship and loss.  That's the blues.  And Lightnin' Hopkins was one of the masters.

I got this album for $2 and although it had a vicious warp to it, I felt that if I could only listen to one song on it, it would still be worth $2.  And since it was only a couple bucks I felt it was worth trying to get rid of the warp.  Apart from the bend, the album itself was in great shape.  Limited scuffs and no major scratches.  And the sleeve was in NM state still in the original cello wrap.  I set the oven to 240 degrees and waited patiently until the LP started to become soft.  As soon as I could bend it slightly, I grabbed it from the oven, tossed it on the counter and pressed down on it with a heavy cutting block for 30 seconds.  And the verdict???  A great record that I can listen to (BOTH SIDES!!) for years to come.

Now I do not suggest that this method will work for every warped piece of vinyl in your collection but for this one time, it did.  With a little courage, a low set oven and fast fingers I saved a classic album from the scrap heap.

Artist: Lightning Hopkins
Title: A Legend In His Own Time
Label: United Superior
Matrix: 7785
Year: ???
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3


  1. Hi there. I found this same album an an estate sale today. Do you think this is a real release? I can't find any info on it. There seems to be a separate "Original Folk Blues" release as well as a "Legend in his Own Time".. I am thinking this is a knock-off compilation, much like K-Tel did in the '80's.

  2. Yeah... I think United Superior was a label very similar to K-Tel in the respect that they simply licensed songs and made their own compilations. This was very common back in the day. Still a solid record. Enjoy it!