Andre Heller- "Liederbuch"

I found this record at the store in a local library.  They rarely had anything cool but if they did, it was usually amazing.  I once found some records of soundtracks from the Canadian National Film Board.  GOLD!  This trip was very rushed but I felt lucky and decided I needed to stop in for a 10 minute quickie.

This was the only record that caught my eye simply because of the random items "tied" onto the cover.  A doll, a playing card, a flare, a baby's boot, a mini hot water bottle... This was a must buy.  I believe I paid 10 cents but talked the elderly female volunteer up to a quarter.

The music is a soft rock (?)/ pop of sorts.  Similar to Serge Gainsbourg or even a Leonard Cohen (but less dark)  A lot of the tracks are spoken word or sung in a barely singing voice.  I imagine this playing in the streets of Paris in the spring over speakers scattered around the entire city. I wish I spoke French/ German so I could understand what they lyrics meant.  I think it would likely have a lot to do with cute French girls and a few jerk French girls who did a number on Mr. Heller.  A wonderful double album from an artist who has since found his way into my record collection a few times.

Artist: Andre Heller
Title: Liederbuch"
Label: Polydor
Year: 1981
Matrix: 2679 083
Size: Dbl. 12"
Speed: 33.3

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