The Fendermen- Mule Skinner Blues b/w Don't You Just Know It

The Fendermen were a midwest duo who took their name from the fact that there were just two of them and they both played Fender guitars.  This was a rarity back in the 50's when most bands had at least a drummer.  You might think this would be a disadvantage for a band shooting for that pure rockabilly sound but surprisingly it gives The Fendermen an unique sound, that for at least one song, made them quite popular.

I found this 7" at a thrift store for 10 cents.  It was not in mint condition but it was still quite playable.  I had The Fendermen's LP in my collection for sometime and finding this 7" was a treat.  I believe this is the Canadian pressing on APEX and although I am not sure of the monetary value, its listening value is far beyond 10 cents.

Artist: The Fendermen
Title: Mule Skinner Blues/ Don't You Just Know It
Label: APEX
Matrix: G-21802
Year: 1958
Size: 7"
Speed: 33.3

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