Golden Avatar- A Change of Heart

Golden Avatar was the brainchild of Michael Cassidy, who was a devout Krishna.  That influenced the sound of this record immensely.  Many feel that this record is a soft prog/ psychedelic album but that is not what I felt when listening.  It does have prog/ psych tendencies but I see this as more of a folk album.  The musicianship is second to none and the arrangements are smooth and flawless.  And though the Hindu influence is apparent, it is not overwhelming.  This is not a religious propaganda album.  It is simply a record that would not be out of place amongst other bands of the time like YES, Alan Parsons Project or even E.L.O.

This record was a freebie scavenged from the basement of my girlfriend's parent's house.  The price was right and I am glad I decided to pilfer this LP.  Not something I would listen to regularly but definitely a keeper.

Artist: Golden Avatar
Title: A Change Of Heart
Label: Sudarshan
Matrix: SD1
Year: 1976
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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  1. I made an offer on 2 huge tubs of records today at a yard sale and this was in it. Looking forward to listening to it.