The Sounds Of Love... A to ZZZZ- Sensuously SIN thesized

Sometimes you come across a record that simply defies all logic and good taste.  You wonder if there are enough illicit drugs in the world to make the record listenable.  This my friends, is one of those albums.

The Sounds Of Love... A To ZZZZ basically sounds like an analog synth boning some chick who is definitely a moaner.  This is not an exaggeration.  Its simple keyboard doodles with some girl groaning sounds of lust and savagery in the background.

The record itself has become somewhat of a collectible simply because its so weird.  Various other sites have written about this record and come to the same conclusion I have... What The Falafel???

The liner notes on the back read "Dim the lights, hug something warm, and surrender your ears to the supremely sensual intermingling of passionate sighs and pulsating electronic music."  I don't know if I want to surrender my ears to this record but its actually funny and enjoyable if you like experimental/ noise music.  Its pretty out there for an album from 1972.

I am not saying you should click over to ebay or discogs and find yourself a copy immediately but if you do find one in a dollar bin or garage sale for a decent price, scoop up this platter of idiocy and weirdness.  Well worth a couple bucks...

Artist: Fred Miller?
Title: The Sounds Of Love... A To ZZZZ- Sensuously SIN thesized
Label: Yorkshire
Matrix: 27021
Year: 1972
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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