The Rip Chords- Hey Little Cobra/ The Queen

This gem was found at a garage sale for a nickel.  I was familiar with this 45 before I purchased it.  I knew the song "Hey Little Cobra" well.  Of all the records I purchased that day (maybe 6-8) this one was the only one that was still in great condition.  All in all, it was a solid 5 cents spent.

The Rip Chords formed in 1957 as a duo but went through numerous line-up changes in the following years.  Hey Little Cobra topped out at #4 on the charts in 1964 in the surf rock craze of that year. 

Artist: The Rip Chords
Title: Hey Little Cobra/ The Queen
Label: Columbia
Matrix: 4-42921
Year: 1963
Size: 7"
Speed: 45

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