Jenny Rock- Le Sloopy/ Rendez-Vous Avec Toi

Jenny Rock (aka Jeannine de Bellefeuille) gained a fair amount of success in the mid-60's in Quebec.  She even opened for the Rolling Stones in 1965.  She released a string of singles/ albums throughout the 1960's but then faded into Quebecois garage rock obscurity.  But it seems Jenny Rock is back!  She has a new website up and performs from time to time.  www.jennyrock.ca

I grabbed this 45 at a garage sale for 10 cents.  Side A has a french cover of "Everybody Do The Sloopy"  Jenny's voice is sweet and child-like but also has a little bit of a growl to it.  Very rock n roll.  Side B is a pop rock killer.  Catchier than strep throat.  A solid 10 cents spent.  I am definitely on the hunt for more Jenny Rock wax.

Artist: Jenny Rock
Title: Le Sloopy/ Rendez-Vous Avec Toi
Label: Apex
Matrix: 13432
Size: 7"
Speed: 45

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