Heintje- Dit Is Heintje

In the mid-late 60's, you would think that any country in Europe would be in the throws of Beatlemania.  Germany was no exception but they were far from the biggest act in that country.  That crown went to a young boy from Netherlands.  Dutch-born Heintje Simons was only 12 years old when he scored his first & biggest hit, "Mama" in Germany.  He went on to record many albums over a long career that is still going.  His last album came out in 2006.  He is no longer the cute Dutch boy but a far creepier old dude who still sings about his "Mama"  I guess I am just being jealous because Heintje has sold over 40 million records worldwide and can likely afford to buy his mama whatever the hell she wants.

This record was also taken from my girlfriend's parent's basement.  Its standard orchestral backing from a 12 year old crooner.  Certainly not my type of thing but its worth keeping for the record cover alone.  His face is so happy and optimistic about the future.  Little did he know he would grow up to look like someone you would never allow your kids to talk to on the street.

Artist: Heintje
Title: Dit Is Heintje
Label: CNR
Matrix: SKLP 4260
Year: 1967
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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