Sunday Update

Yes... It is not Sunday.  This is an update about the band Sunday.  I reviewed their 45 a few posts back and while researching it I could not find any information about the band or the record.  So after some heavy digging I found an email for a man named Stan Cayer.  He managed the band and has had a strange and remarkable career in his own right.  You can read a great bio about Stan HERE.  After exchanging a few emails Stan gave me a bit of the lowdown on A Group Called Sunday.

The band was originally called Daybreak.  The lead singer was Byron O'Donnald who also sometimes played tambourine, rhythm guitar and electric bass. He also wrote most of the songs.  Gord Hayman played bass and organ while his older brother, Craig, played organs in live shows.  Gord also co-wrote the songs.  Lynn Mooney played drums.

Stan brought them into record in 1970 at R&D Studios.  They were engineered by Rolly Newton who also engineered for Terry Jacks, Susan Pesklevitz and Craig McCaw then called The Poppy Family.  They had a huge hit with "Which Way You Goin' Billy?"

They got signed to London Records and released the 45.  It garnered significant radio airplay but legal issues with the lead guitarist and his lawyer father forced the band apart and a full length record and tour never materialized.

I would like to thank Stan Cayer and Jamie Antsey for all the help in finding out more about a band that I have loved for a long time.

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