Carl Stevens & His Marching Band- The Circus Is In Town

I am not normally one for marching band music.  I think parades are boring and embarrassing for all involved.  And circuses are sad displays of sad people doing sad things for money.  Saying all of this, I STILL bought this record. 

I knew what type of music would adorn the grooves of this wax platter.  I knew I would find it annoying.  But can you fathom a guess as to why I would buy such a waste of vinyl?  Yes... the terrifying clowns! 

I was never one of those kids who feared clowns.  I always saw them for what they are... depressed drunks who roam from city to city in hopes of finding love... or at least some 4 toothed carny girl who will at least touch them in a familiar way.  But these clowns are scary.  Like "Freddy Kreuger has nothing on this nightmare" scary. 

I found this record for 10 cents at a library sale and was well worth the dime.  I have only listened to this record once and plan on never playing it again.  Yet with all the negativity that surrounds my views of this record, I still love it.  LOVE IT!

Artist: Carl Stevens and His Marching Band
Title: The Circus Is In Town
Label: Mercury/ Wing
Matrix: MGW 12170
Year: ?
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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