Reveen- Stop Smoking And Overeating

Peter Reveen was born in Australia but in his mid-20's moved to Canada.  He started his career as a stage hypnotist in British Columbia but soon became a worldwide star.  He was especially popular in eastern Canada and his home country of Australia.  He was a shameless self promoter doing whatever he could to increase ticket/ album sales.  Sometimes he would give local radio stations a small percentage of the gate for free advertising.  Today, he is semi-retired and is the manager of famous Las Vegas illusionist, Lance Burton.

This record was one of many released by Reveen's own publishing company, Reveen Recordings.  This record was found at a thrift store, still sealed, for a buck.  I am scared to open it.  Although I do not smoke and rarely overeat, the immense power of Reveen may program me to eat even less.  I may eat so little that I become frail and sullen.  I may become weak.  I may have organ failure due to malnutrition.  There is a host of skeletons that may become unleashed if I were to open this pandora's box.  The threat is just too great to listen to such a powerful recording.

But I cannot throw this record away.  The simple glare of Reveen on the front cover speaks to me telekinetically every time I try to sneak this album into the trash.  I fear what the almighty Reveen might do if I were to discard such a supreme disc.

Plus, I like owning a record by someone whom they spoof on Trailer Park Boys.

Artist: Reveen
Title: Stop Smoking And Overeating
Label: Reveen Recordings
Matrix: F2001
Year: ?
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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