The Earth Boys- "Space Girl/ Barbara Ann"

If there was ever a need for scientific romance songs from the late 50's, this would be the record.  The Earth Boys lay down two funny but catchy love songs on this 7" put out on the Capitol label.  Side A's "Space Girl" is a fun song about lost love.  It was lost because evidently the girl (from space) did not breathe oxygen and had to go home. Sad times...

Side B is also about lost love.  The Earth Boys are in love with a girl named Barbara Ann.  She has a lovely blue eye... they can't see the other one because its still swollen shut from a gang fight... seriously...

All in all this was 50 cents well spent.  I wish I knew more about The Earth Boys but maybe after this 7" was released they found a way to be with their space girl after all.

Artist: The Earth Boys
Title: Space Girl/ Barbara Ann
Label: Capitol
Year: 1958?
Size: 7"

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