Lydia Lunch, Thurston Mooore & The Honeymoon In Red Orchestra- "The Crumb"

I walked into this thrift store that I rarely ever visit and the very first record I saw, in the front of the stack was this record.  I had glorious dreams of  Sonic Youth and Glen Branca records tossed aside by some pissed off mother whose son sold her TV for heroin.  Sadly, behind this 12" single was the standard James Last and Roger Whittaker fare.  That being said, this was a rare thrift store find indeed.

If you are reading this blog I don't really need to talk about Lydia Lunch or Thurston Moore.  Both have had incredibly influential careers in punk, noise, experimental and weirdo music.  This 12" is a fine example of what sort of magic can happen when two legends come together with a few other talented wizards.  A great score for a dollar and still my only Sonic Youth related thrift store find.

Artist: Lydia Lunch/ Thurston Moore/ The Honeymoon In Red Orchestra
Title: The Crumb
Label: Widowspeak
Matrix: ?
Year: 1987
Speed: 33.3
Size: 12"

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