Sunday- Change of Mind/ Livin' Free

I have looked high and low trying to find some information on this band/ record.  All I can find out about them is they were from Vancouver and they kicked ass.  They released this 45 in 1970-71 on London Records and it seems that Stan Cayer produced and managed the band.  On the record they are introduced as "A Group Called SUNDAY"  If anyone knows anything about this band/ record, please give me a shout.

I grabbed this 7" at a Value Village for 99 cents.  A bit high priced for my liking but still reasonable.  Both sides feature some killer psych jams.  Nothing heavy or loud but still very very cool.  Its a shame if this was their only release.  It would have been a solid start to what I believe would have been an amazing LP.  "Change Of Mind" should rank up there with the best Canadian psych tracks of that era.  I would love to find out more about this release as it is one of my 5 favourite thrift store finds of all time.

Artist: Sunday
Title: Change Of Mind/ Livin' Free
Label: London
Matrix: M.17397
Year: 1970?
Size: 7"
Speed: 45


  1. Hi - i've got some info on this band, free to contact me at terryjacksmedia@gmail.com

  2. Please email me for more info etc. SUNDAY is Byron O'Donnell - Vocals, Gordon Hayman-Bass, Craig Hayman- Organ, Linn Mooney-Drums, Art Hine- Guitar.